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Boris Becker (r) goes to court and holds hands with his partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro. Photo: Tayfun Salci / ZUMA Press Wire / dpa

Boris Becker must spend at least 15 months in prison – a huge challenge for his relatives. Does the crisis weld the mixed family together?

London – Boris Becker and the Women. For years, details from the tennis legend’s privacy were a feast for the boulevard. The marriage with Barbara, the “broom closet” is slung with Angela Ermakova, as Becker himself freely told about, the new and finally failed love for Lilly.

Hardly a paragraph remained hidden. That the 54-year-old in Germany in recent years has been subjected to ridicule and malicious joy and became less admired for his historical records, was probably due in part to the fact that Becker’s love life has always taken place in public.

But now it is Becker’s women, often reduced to the status of “partner of” in the reporting, who take on the difficult task of protecting the fallen star and supporting him publicly.

Women play a central role

It all started during the trial in London. Every day, Becker was accompanied to court by his partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro, who is said to work as a political risk analyst in the British capital. The couple showed up demonstratively holding hands to the waiting cameras. When the verdict and three weeks later the verdict – two and a half years for bankruptcy crimes – were handed down, his girlfriend was sitting next to Becker’s eldest son Noah. She could not say goodbye, the 54-year-old had to leave the hall immediately through a side door and was soon taken to a prison in the London borough of Wandsworth.

Boris and Lilian have been a couple for about two years. She already plays an important role in the patchwork family of the triple Wimbledon winner. “Lilian is his girlfriend, she also mainly takes care of everything that has to do with Boris,” said his wife Lilly Becker from “Bunte” magazine (Thursday). “She is his backbone and strengthens him, which is what she did throughout the process.” In fact, the daughter of the former defense minister of the African island state of São Tomé and Príncipe is now one of the three central pillars of the former exceptional athlete during his imprisonment.

No jealousy

“We women want to stick together now – we are all connected through Boris,” Lilly Becker announced. “There is no jealousy or anything like that.” She takes care of their son Amadeus (12), who according to her only found out about the trial against her famous father two days after the verdict. “And Barbara is there for me, she told me that, and I’m grateful to her for that,” Lilly Becker said.

The support was to carry the former tennis star through his incarceration. “Lilian, Barbara and I are like a ring that we close around Boris to protect him,” Lilly Becker said. “We will not let people talk bad about him. Many people tear him to pieces, we will not allow that.”

So far, there has been no public word from Becker’s current partner, she disappeared in a taxi after the verdict. No direct statement is known from his ex-wife Barbara, with whom he has sons Noah and Elias. Along the way, however, she stressed: “Overall, the family is obviously the most important thing.” The three women are in contact with each other, said Lilly Becker from “Bunte”. “Barbara is in Miami, Lilian and I are here. Of course we are all getting closer now.”

Becker also receives support from Angela Ermakova, his short-lived affair and the mother of his daughter Anna. “I’m sorry, I’m thinking how can I help,” Ermakova said on Bild TV. She expressed confidence that Becker will overcome the biggest challenge of his life. “Only one has won Wimbledon as a 17-year-old. For young athletes, he can always be a role model for his dedication to his sport.”

Lilly Becker showed how combative the women are in her detailed “Bunte” interview. There she went hard in court with the verdict. “In my opinion, an example was made of him,” the 45-year-old rumbled. Becker, from whom she is not yet divorced, must, of course, be held accountable for her mistakes. “But two and a half years in prison is, in my opinion, disproportionate,” she said. “Boris is a public figure and is known all over the world. I find it unworthy to try him in front of the world public. The process should have taken place behind closed doors,” criticized Lilly Becker.

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