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Lots of fans without tickets, fans marching through the city, ugly scenes in the first match: Eintracht Frankfurt’s semi-final in the Europa League against West Ham is also becoming a challenge for the police. Already on Wednesday, the cityscape is changing.

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A fan invasion in a foreign city is nothing new for Eintracht Frankfurt. Usually something like this always happens when the hessians are out. On Thursday, however, this phenomenon will exist in Frankfurt itself – when West Ham United play the second match of the semi-final at Eintracht (Thursday from 9 pm in the hr-iNFO audio stream). Then there is, for once, a small fan invasion the other way around.

Eintracht itself expects about 6,000 Hammers supporters in the city. Frankfurt police estimate a similar number and are talking about “a mid-four-digit range”, as a police spokesman said when hr-sport asked him on Tuesday. No matter how many there are: They will be visible on match day in Frankfurt.

Hellmann: “Expect many fans without a ticket at the stadium”

To make matters worse: 1,500 to 3,000 West Ham supporters will likely travel to Frankfurt without a ticket and still try to grab a ticket to the match somehow. “We expect a lot of away fans at the stadium, even without a ticket. The police are prepared for this situation,” stressed Eintracht’s spokesman Axel Hellmann.

Before then, however, a small fan march of the Londoners is also planned. Eintracht assumes that this will move from Römer to the stadium via the main railway station. However, police expect the train to stop at the main train station and for special trains to take you to the city forest from there. Either way, the venues for Hammers fans have already been decided: Römer and an Irish bar in the station district.

Fan separation across the city

The federal police have already been warned about the fan march and are preparing accordingly. For example, many English-speaking officers are on guard. There will also be strict fan separation throughout the city. “That’s the ultimate goal,” a police spokesman said. Riots around the game should be prevented in any case.

However, a logistical problem can not be avoided in Frankfurt: in England there are a number of bars around the stadiums where you can watch the match – if you do not have a ticket. This is not the case in Frankfurt. As a result, fans without tickets initially have no point of contact in the city forest. The Hammers annex has already been informed of this. Will they be deterred by this and not even come? Wide open.

Already from Wednesday, the police presence increased

From Wednesday, the police want to increase their presence throughout the city and are preparing intensively for the action. Eintracht is also preparing for the arrival of fans, but unlike the first match, they will not do one thing as their opponents: Whoever has a ticket also gets access to the stadium.

“Just because someone wears another club’s coat of arms on their headscarf does not mean they are thrown out of the neutral seating areas,” said CEO Hellmann. West Ham had handled this differently in the first match and denied Eintracht fans access to the stadium or subsequently removed them from the stadium. The Hessians want to be better hosts.

The time after the match is particularly critical for the organizers and the police. Both teams will be at the stadium and then in the city with a large number of fans. And one of the two teams did not reach the final of the Europa League.

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