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ROUNDUP 2: Rising costs burden Fresenius and FMC – change of management

BAD HOMBURG – Another decline in profits at dialysis subsidiary Fresenius Medical Care (FMC (Fresenius Medical Care)) and higher costs, also as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine, are causing problems for the medical and hospital group Fresenius (Fresenius SECo). “The ongoing corona pandemic, the war in Ukraine, bottlenecks in supply chains and, above all, the sometimes significant cost increases have weighed on the first quarter,” said CEO Stephan Sturm on Wednesday in Bad Homburg, according to the announcement. Nevertheless, the key figures for the Dax Group were better than analysts’ expectations.

ROUNDUP 2: Siemens Healthineers Increases Weather Forecast – Corona Tests Required

ERLANGEN – After a robust second quarter, the medical technology group Siemens Healthineers is again raising its forecast for the current financial year. The company has recently benefited from the sale of rapid antigen tests for the detection of Covid-19, which is now also approved in the United States, which has exceeded expectations. In addition, the other areas, such as imaging, also proved to be quite robust in relation to the current difficult economic environment. However, Siemens Healthineers also feels cost pressures.

ROUNDUP / Chips, Corona, war: VW handles ‘unprecedented’ crises well

WOLFSBURG – Good business, especially with the particularly profitable luxury-class brands, and further cost savings brought the VW (Volkswagen (VW) vz) Group through the ailing car market at the beginning of the year. In the first quarter, Wolfsburg earned almost twice as much as in early 2021 despite high sales declines. Lack of chips, the Ukraine war and new lockdowns in China are putting pressure on supply chains.

ROUNDUP: Hugo Boss rises sharply – share can not benefit

METZINGEN – The fashion group HUGO BOSS has started the new year with significant growth. According to CFO Yves Mller, investments in the brand and in digitalisation are increasingly paying off. However, the global financial risks mean that the group remains cautious. This year’s forecast was confirmed. Hugo Boss shares could not take advantage of this – on Wednesday they were among the biggest losers in the MDAX mid-segment.

ROUNDUP: Cancom lowers forecast – the stock falls to its lowest level since the fall of 2020

MNICH – IT specialist Cancom (CANCOM SE) is no longer so optimistic about the current year due to increasing problems in the supply chain and the economic environment. “Unfortunately, because of the situation in the IT hardware supply chain, we now had to make the forecast more defensive,” Cancom chief Rudolf Hotter said in a statement Tuesday night. The company, which is listed on MDAX, now expects “significant growth” in terms of revenue and operating profit. So far, the group had expected “very significant growth”. On the stock exchange, it caused the stock to crash, which fell to its lowest level since November 2020.

ROUNDUP: Klckner & Co still sees high steel prices so far – but the stock is falling

DUISBURG – Due to high steel prices, Klckner & Co (KlcknerCo (KlCo)) remains optimistic in the coming weeks. In the meantime, however, a certain plateau effect can be observed in the price of steel, company manager Guido Kerkhoff said on Wednesday in a telephone conference with journalists. We must therefore wait and see how things develop further. However, in its forecast for the second quarter, management expects a “significant” increase in sales compared to the previous quarter with a stable to slightly increasing sales trend. However, this did not really convince investors on the stock exchange.

ROUNDUP / Despite war and disasters: Hannover Re expects further record profits

HANNOVER – The year has already brought lots of disasters for the reinsurance company Hannover. Re: In addition to storms in Europe and floods in Australia, the aftermath of the Ukraine war and the burden of the corona pandemic eroded profits in the first quarter. On Wednesday, the executive board did not yet dare to assess how expensive the war would ultimately cost Hanover Re and the insurance industry. It is also due to unresolved legal issues – for example, with regard to hundreds of aircraft that leasing companies have lost to Russian airlines. Nevertheless, management is still aiming for the highest profit in history in 2022.

ROUNDUP 2: Teamviewer is making progress on its way out of the crisis – the stock has recovered significantly

GPPINGEN – The software provider TeamViewer is making progress with the planned expansion of business with large companies. In addition, the management of the remote maintenance software provider was able to curb the increase in costs as advertised. As a result, operating profit, according to information on Wednesday, did not fall as much as analysts had feared in the first quarter. In addition, the 2022 targets were confirmed despite the economic uncertainty posed by the Ukraine war. It had a positive effect on the stock market. The stock, which has been under pressure for months, was at the top of the MDAX on Wednesday afternoon with a plus of ten percent.


Additional reports

-VW commercial vehicle holding company Traton lowers earnings prospects due to Ukraine war

-Norma grows moderately and earns less – forecast confirmed

-Chip group AMD with jumps in sales and profits

-Airbnb increases revenue sharply – Business boom is expected this summer

-Novartis receives additional EU approval for personal cell therapy Kymriah

-ROUNDUP: Musk confirms plans for subscription model after Twitter takeover

Listing / Fertilizer Company Yara: Consider being listed by the Green Ammonia Department

-Starbucks with increased sales despite corona problems and inflationary pressures

-Lift crash in the stock market – quarterly outlook disappoints

– Ukraine war slows growth in German online retail

-VW boss Diess: Expansion in the US with a focus on electric cars

-Servicesivision ensures recovery at Dussmann Group

-VW CFO: High commodity price burden, more money for software

-Branche: lembargo against Russia ‘drastic step’

-Brussels imposes sanctions on Russia’s largest bank

-Lichtblick invests half a billion euros in wind and solar energy

Bidding process for Italy’s state airline: Ita opens books

-Habeck appeals to countries: accelerate wind power expansion

The Cartel Office is tightening supervision of the Facebook group Meta

-Environmental assistance requires a halt to construction at the planned LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven

-Porsche: Less sales, more operating profit

-Transport companies propose uniform driving noise for e-buses

-ROUNDUP: Bosch calls for diversification in energy and is dependent on hydrogen

– Boost American business continues to run the gaming group Flutter – the stock is rising sharply

– ‘SZ’ boss: ‘We will finance ourselves completely digitally in 2030’

-DIHK expects significant consequences for German companies in case of lembargo

-Vattenfall is considering selling Berlin’s district heating

-ROUNDUP: Luca deletes all user data from the pandemic

-ROUNDUP / Survey: Online shoppers prefer to pay by invoice or Paypal

-Uber increases revenue sharply – nevertheless high quarterly loss

-BGH: Gym customer gets contribution back to lockdown time

-l-Embargo against Russia: chemical industry expects rising prices

-ROUNDUP: Imaging specialist Basler earns less – share loses

– Moderna continues to serve brilliantly thanks to the Corona vaccine

-City tourism is catching up – campaign for European metropolis

-Allianz wants to become a large insurance company in Africa with a joint venture

-ROUNDUP: Norma confirms forecast despite declining profits – stock rises

-Ferrari has full order books – sales and profits have increased significantly

-Habeck: Germany can carry l-embargo against Russia

-Network operator expects faster power cord procedures

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