Are you celebrating 6th place? Baumgart: “Maybe another constellation will come”

If all goes well, 1. FC Köln can secure sixth place and Europe with a victory against Wolfsburg. But even then, coach Steffen Baumgart will not celebrate – because perhaps more is possible.

Will continue to be infected by the emotions: Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart.
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With a point advantage in 7th place, one thing is clear: If FC wins against VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday and at the same time Union Berlin, which is closest to Cologne, does not win in SC Freiburg, FC has qualified for a national match. competition. At least for the Europa Conference League.

“I do not count at all”

Scenarios for the European Cup

When the 6th place is enough for the Europa League and when the 7th place for the Europa Conference is a complicated calculation that Steffen Baumgart does not want to participate in. “I do not count on it at all,” says the FC coach, “I reckon that we want to win the next match. And it’s hard enough. And then we look at the next week. We know where we stand. We know what points we have and we still want to see that we can go one. or the second step. ”

Baumgart refers one or the other step to the next games, not to the table. Nevertheless, everything is still possible for FC, from the Europa Conference League to the Europa League and Champions League.

And between the lines, the 50-year-old does not rule out the Premier League as a goal before the last match day, as he is asked if it would be best to qualify for the European Cup against Wolfsburg on Saturday in front of his own. fans to do and celebrate.

Then I do not know if that’s the end of it. Then there might be another constellation.

“I do not think we are celebrating on Saturday,” the coach replies. FC could qualify for Europe with a win, but “then I do not know if that is the end of it. Then there may be another constellation.” Which could even make it possible to attack 4th place!

‘I was even worse’: Duda is ‘an opportunity’ again

But first, VfL Wolfsburg (“A qualitatively very good team. When they come into play, it is a team that belongs more in our table area”) must first be defeated. Offensive player Ondrej Duda, who last week had to train with the regional league team after refusing to come on as a late substitute in the 3-1 victory over Bielefeld, can again play in this goal.

“First and foremost, he’s an opportunity for the squad. He’s still an important player. What happened is a situation that happens in football. Everyone has it. I think I was even worse. It’s over. done, “Baumgart calmly explains about Duda’s misunderstood feelings.

Effervescent emotions as an opportunity

Baumgart, on the other hand, sees the overflowing feelings around FC in the light of what is already a sensational season as a plus. The coach sees it as letting go of this as an opportunity, not as a danger. “Right now you have to absorb everything. I do not know how often such a situation can occur in football. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to reach a goal like that. And so do many of the boys. have that situation so often in football. Football does not mean you can be happy with how it goes. ”

You don’t have those kinds of situations in football so often that you could be happy with everything as it goes.

Since taking office in the summer of 2021, Baumgart has conveyed to his professionals the crucial basic attitude of not losing focus with the euphoria: “Just stay ready,” he demands, “just stay with you.”

So you can celebrate in the end without rain – no matter what …

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