This is Germany’s most successful fitness model from Rosenheim

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Sophia Thiel is probably the most famous German fitness model. But that was not always the case: for a long time she had to struggle with her weight.

  • Sophia Thiel: Weight problems in childhood and adolescence
  • Great success with fitness videos on YouTube
  • Timeout 2019 to find yourself again

Munich – Sophia Thiel is the fitness model in Germany: She has had success with her YouTube and Instagram account and her online fitness program. It has not gone as well privately lately as reported by

Sophie Thiel was born on March 13, 1995 in Rosenheim. She was overweight when she was young and lost a lot in a very short time. Today, she runs an Instagram and YouTube account where she provided fitness tips until May 2019. She has 1.2 million subscribers on Instagram and Sophia Thiel also has great success on YouTube with just under a million subscribers. But that was not her goal in the beginning: she only wanted to support young girls and women who had problems with their weight.

Sophia Thiel: The Beginning of Social Media

The 24-year-old has been uploading videos to his YouTube channel since 2014 and is dealing with the topic Fitness for women. She started her YouTube channel with videos about her “diet secret” and abdominal training, and shortly afterwards she released a video about her personal story. In it, Sophia Thiel tells that she was very overweight as a teenager and through Consistent exercise and a healthy diet will give you the body you dream of have reached. Her fans loved this video and it is her most watched video on YouTube to date with over five million views.

Sophia Thiel: Your way into a new life

In this video about her story, Sophia Thiel tells that she already always stronger as a child was, but it did not bother her at the time. Things looked different when she was 15: She did not feel comfortable in her body and therefore wanted to change something. She started with Diets that did not bring the hoped for success. Sophia Thiel began to doubt herself, and when she weighed 80 kilos, she finally decided to change something fundamental.

The Instagram photo shows the transformation of Sophia Thiel: There are five years between these photos. © Screenshot Instagram

She started working out in the gym and lost 30kg in 3 months. During this time, she felt permanent tired and lethargic. She noted that losing weight too fast is neither healthy nor long lasting. she increased significantly in a very short time. After graduating from high school, she decided to enter a bikini competition. For this, Sophia Thiel structured her diet for the first time. That was when she got the idea to start YouTube and make videos about fitness for women.

Sophia Thiel: Success with YouTube and online fitness program

Your YouTube videos have been quickly very successful and Sophia Thiel made a name for herself in Germany. In total, she has 85 million views on YouTube. She is also active on Instagram and shares her life with her fans there. The online fitness program, which has been around since 2015 and promises participants to stay slim and fit in 12 weeks, is also very successful.

In November 2015, she participated in the show “TV total Turmouncing” (ProSieben) moderated by Stefan Raab. In addition, she was also seen at the big ProSieben Völkerball Championship. Since 2016, she has been the online coach for “The Biggest Loser” (Sat1, ProSieben) and appeared in the reality show “Fitness Diaries” (Sixx).

For a long time, she seemed to be one perfect life would lead: She has a dream body, is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend Charlie and has a fulfilling life. This changed throughout several fates.

Sophia Thiel: Long break after the heavy blows of fate

In 2018, her two grandmothers died soon after, and Sophia Thiel divorced her boyfriend Charlie after more than five years of relationship. After the separation, Sophia Thiel moved to Munich, where she has lived since 2018. These fates hit Sophia Thiel deeply and got on her nerves. Nevertheless, she tried to keep her tight training program so as not to disappoint her fans. However, she did not achieve this and therefore contacted her in May 2019 last post on Instagram for now.

In this post, she links to a video where she explains to her fans why she is taking a break.

Sophia Thiel: That’s why the fitness model takes a break

In this YouTube video, she explains why not much had been heard of her before. With emotionally charged words Sophia Thiel addressed her fans and explained that she would focus more on herself to find her own core. However, she does not want to completely distance herself from social media, but sees it all as more of a break to “get the origin with which [sie] started all the way [hat]“To find again. Due to a video showing Sophia Thiel much stronger, it is assumed that the fitness queen has gained weight and therefore is taking a break from social media.

Sophia Thiel: Fans respond with understanding

During her YouTube video explaining her free time, there are many comments from fans showing her sympathy. “I do not understand all the criticism. You have not done anything wrong, and if you just need a break or can not continue, your fans should accept it. They have no idea how much work is behind all this, ”writes a follower. Another praises Sophia Thiel for her decision: “The greatest strength is to apply the emergency brake in time. Dear Sophia, all the best for your future. You only live once”. Before announcing her release in May, Sophia Thiel was on the cover of “Women’s Health” magazine, which did not inspire her fans,

Sophia Thiel: Fitness book published

Sophia Thiel has already published three books with recipes for a healthy life in recent years. In October 2019, she launched a fourth book. This is a fitness book with training plans and instructions to get in shape and achieve your dream body.

In addition to schedules, a diary, and shopping lists, there are also motivating tips for overcoming your weaker self as you exercise. Many fans expected Sophia Thiel to contact her fans when her book was released. This did not happen, however, and nothing has been heard from Sophia Thiel since the video in May 2019. Sophia Thiel is Germany’s fitness icon.

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