Stiftung Warentest: Online fitness studies fail

Roll out the mat in the living room or bedroom, turn on the laptop, start the course – done. Playing sports at home has not only been a popular alternative since the Corona pandemic. There is no need to go to the studio, which is a plus for many. But are online gyms as good as their local counterparts? Stiftung Warentest has tested various offers.

Regarding the general conditions: The offer has been tested by four sports researchers. In addition to sports courses, the test also focused on fitness apps and YouTube channels. In the following text, you can find out why the YouTube channels do not live up to their promise.

Fits YouTube: Channels can’t keep promises

Stiftung Warentest put three channels of the great video platform to the test: Paulina Wallner, Gabi Fastner and Happy and Fit. All three YouTube channels with courses are all in the “satisfactory” range.

The course by Paulina Wallner received the worst grade with a grade of 3.7, which provides more commercial content than training instructions based on sports science. Gabi Fastner does not offer anything commercial, but offers a little more sports science. Your channel has been around since 2006 and, unlike many other channels, caters to an older audience. However, as no risk information was shown for exercises that tend to be dangerous and the offer is confusing, Fastner only gets the grade 3.0.

The Happy and Fit Fitness channel came out a little better (2.9) in the Stiftung Warentest test. Different sports run under the name, which are explicitly distributed on different channels.

Unlike online gyms, however, there is no individual support and no offer of exercise plans or nutrition advice on YouTube. Stiftung Warentest rather assesses the corresponding courses as a short-term alternative. For long-term goals, however, you should orient yourself towards a fee-based study or the more professional courses online.

Fitness apps in the test: Gymondo at the top

The situation is different with fitness apps. A paid provider should offer more than one YouTube channel, as all tested apps can demonstrate. If you register with one of the app providers, you will initially enter your weight, height and age so that you can better define your sporting goal. But: The information does not change the course choice for most providers, the proposals remain the same. Only at Gymondo is this individually adapted to your stature.

Fitness website Gymondo convinces most people with course quality, training support and operation of the website and app. That explains the grade 2.0. The fitness room also received a good grade (2.3) for solid courses in sports science. The gym performed worse because the state of health was hardly recorded. There is also no nutrition advice. Sports researchers also found the handling of data protection negative. Both Gymondo and the gym send an unjustified amount of data.

Pure-life and My Fitness video are disappointing

Among the poorer test results is the most expensive fitness app, Bodyshape. She gets the final grade of 2.7 in the test. Despite the high price, Bodyshape offers the smallest selection of courses with 78 courses. Because here it’s about one thing: the bikini figure. As a small compensation, there is a calorie calculator in the nutrition section.

Pur-life has come up with something to make the courses more individual: Here it is possible to chat with the coach in the livestream. Despite this, Pur-life scores poorly (3.7). Because there are clear violations of the law in the website’s data protection declaration. In addition, sports researchers lacked important information about nutrition.

My Fitness Video brings to the back. The provider excels with the best yoga videos in the test. The grade sufficient (3.8) is given because almost no care is taken of the users. The state of health is not registered, there are recipes instead of nutritional offers and questions from the test customers were not answered. As the only online provider, there is also no app here.

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