“Roger is even more extreme than Pep”

Mario Götze has played in the Eredivisie for two years and is therefore a bit off the German radar. At PSV Eindhoven, Götze has resumed his previously stopped career – and now explains in the podcast kicker meets DAZN some reasons for it.

In addition, the 2014 world champion talks about his extras Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola and what a – possibly last – goal in his career could be.

“I had four different coaches in Dortmund in four years. It was not satisfactory for me as a player. We only won the trophy once in four years: it was quite thin,” said Götze about his second phase at BVB, where he then finished in a kind of stalemate and needed a change. After his departure, he had, among other things, sharply criticized extras Lucien Favre.

“It was a wish for me to be a little quieter. I also wanted to see another league. Therefore, it was a good step for me – also in combination with the German coach and the other German players,” Götze explains after his change. Netherlands. “The change was very positive for me. Another position in the Bundesliga would also have been conceivable. But what the coach is planning was important to me.”

Götze: “Roger is even more extreme than Pep”

In Roger Schmidt, Götze found a coach in Eindhoven who, unlike the coaches at BVB, was able to get him back on track. “He helped me a lot. I found it interesting to see how he adapted the RB concept to his philosophy of how he organizes training and how he wants to play. The high pressure, the defense up front, plays on their half, if it is possible: I learned a lot there. Roger is even more extreme than Pep. “

Götze would definitely work with Guardiola, which he repeated again. And: “I had expectations of him from his time with Barcelona, ​​and he more than fulfilled them. This performance culture, which he placed on the team, both in matches and training: it was really good – and certainly exhausting. But it was Kloppo But at this level it can not be otherwise. “

Schmidt is soon away from Eindhoven (maybe take his protégé with him?), And Götze himself can also imagine a change in the coming years. Preferably in the United States. “There is no medium or long-term plan, football is too difficult and dynamic for that. But my idea is to play in Europe for as long as I can and have fun – and then maybe go to America again. That would be great.”

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