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According to consumer advocates, anyone who wants to sign a new contract should wait until March 1st. Find out here what will apply to the terms from then on.

who one new contract in the gym want to finish, could from 1 March 2022 benefit from a new regulation. From this point on, it will be easier for consumers to get out of a contract that has been concluded since then, according to the basic advice of consumer lawyers.

New contract terms – shorter notice periods from March 2022?

that shorter notice periods therefore does not refer exclusively to contracts In the gym: Until now, many general terms and conditions have stipulated that fixed-term contracts must be terminated three months before the end of the contract period. Otherwise, they would be extended by one year. This no longer applies to contracts entered into from 1 March 2022, according to the consumer center NRW from the German Press Agency (dpa). According to the report, these may only have a one-month notice period. “This means that consumers can then terminate the contracts at any time with one month’s notice,” says dpa.

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Gym and Co .: Which notice periods apply from when

Also (Status: February 24) reported on the new law accordingly. Specifically, these are contracts that include regular delivery of goods or regular delivery of services or work – this also means, for example, membership in the gym. Whether you’re on now fitness center sign up or one streaming service subscribe to wait until March 1, the report says. From then on, it will be easier for consumers to get out of the contract. “In the case of many contracts, tacit contract extensions are only allowed if the contract can be extended indefinitely and can be terminated on a monthly basis,” said Christopher Vernon of the Lower Saxony Consumer Advice Center. As NDR further reports, contracts with a minimum period of up to two years will remain possible in the future. However, one applies to all contracts entered into from 1 March after the end of the initial period one month’s notice period.

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Consumer advocates advise to check the terms and conditions of contracts

The portal advises the Consumer Center to check the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) at the conclusion of a new contract from March to see if the new rules are included. If not, it is advisable to require an adjustment, the report further states with reference to consumer advocates.

What applies to contracts entered into before March 1, 2022?

to Contracts entered into before 1 March 2022 According to the Consumer Advice Center, the old regulation (automatic contract extensions of up to one year) still applies. “So if you want out of an old contract that will be extended for a longer period, unsubscribe well in advance!” appeared on their website for the purpose of the announced innovation.

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Similar innovations for mobile phone, telephone and Internet contracts

The innovation is based on the “Law for Fair Consumer Contracts” adopted in 2021 to the backgrounds. A similar innovation is already in place Mobile phone, telephone and internet contracts entered into force in December 2021. “For telecommunications contracts (eg mobile phone or landline contracts) the changes * apply from 1 December 2021 and for both new and existing contracts,” the Consumer Advice Center had stated on its website in October. Exempted from these rules on contract extension are “including insurance contracts”. (ahu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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