Morning Exercise: For these 8 reasons, an early workout is worth it

Do you also like to curl up in the warm feathers in the morning and press the snooze alarm clock at least three times instead of just getting up? I only know that all too well! For a long time, even thinking about sports in the morning was an impossibility for me – until one morning I decided to morning exercise power. It’s still not easy for me to get up early, but today I would not want to do without the benefits of an early workout! Here you can find out what benefits you can expect if you start your workout early in the day.

This is what you can expect when it comes to early morning workouts:

For these 8 reasons, morning exercise can be worthwhile

Yes, really now. Of course, most people will now shake their heads at the idea. After all at first glance, there are some arguments against it: for example, your sleep and biorhythms, your punctual start to work including deadlines to be met and last but not least your lack of motivation.

Of course, especially in winter, you prefer to roll around in a warm bed. But morning exercise has many benefits! Photo: IMAGO / Addictive warehouse

As absurd as the idea sounds: The The benefits of starting training right after getting up clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Why it might be worth getting up earlier and slipping into your sports gear:

1. City pollen load

As many as 15% of people are affected by hay fever. Itchy and watery eyes are the main symptoms of this allergic rhinitis, which occurs seasonally between April and August. Thanks to antihistamines, there is nothing that stands in the way of outdoor sports, ours However, the performance may very well be below the pollen count. The good thing is that the amount of pollen is not always the same!

The pollen count is at its highest in the city and in the countryside at different times of the day. It is highest in the morning in the countryside, but only in the evening in the city. Everyone who lives in the city and has hay fever can therefore be recommended to exercise in the morning!

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2. Get me

Overnight, your circuit is in sleep mode, which is only activated by hormone release in the morning stimulated again. Exercise in the morning speeds up this process and makes it easier for you to start the day. Even more effective than pouring three cups of coffee into yourself.

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3. Dream helper

The same applies in the evening, here you can in future pinch your sleeping tea: Because if you play sports in the morning, it is proven that you do it in the evening fall asleep better, increase your sleep phases and dive into deep sleep phases. Perfect for anyone who wants to interpret their dream symbols.

Those who train late will already have noticed the disadvantages. It is not uncommon to lie down so awake for a long time. This is due to the hormones released during sports, such as Reduces the release of the sleep hormone melatonin.

If morning exercise is also combined with meditation, everyday life can be survived particularly stress-free. Photo: Photo: Getty Images / Vicens Prats / EyeEm /

4. Mental support

First come, first servedit is[calledNårdudyrkersportommorgenenindserduatderersandhedetdeordsprogdererklartilentatoveringonväggenAltersåforbandetstilleapartfromthecommutersputontheircarsandthebirdssingatthetimeofthedaycan[kaldesNårdudyrkersportommorgenenindserduatderersandhedidetteordsprogdererklartilentatoveringpåvæggenAltersåforbandetstillebortsetfraatpendlernesættersigideresbilerogfuglenesyngerPåintettidspunktpådagenkanduconcentrate so much and prepare yourself mentally for the day.

Once it is overcome, it runs into this state of mind as in itself If you want to make your morning workout even easier, our jogging playlist is a great choice. The benefits continue. After all, you have to now At the end of the day, you can no longer get yourself to exercise.

jogging woman
Anyone who plays sports in the morning does not only their body a great service, but above all their health. (Photo: iStock, bernardbodo)

5. Stress killer

Morning training ends with a sense of success. Not only have you overcome yourself and started the day doing something good for yourself, you also feel more balanced and happier now. After all, you release happiness hormones when you exercise. These carry us at the same time more stress-free during the day and can be chosen with a meditation in the evening.

6. Calorie kills

Sports to lose weight such as martial arts, but also jogging up to runners high is a guarantee of health in the evening. In the morning, they are beyond that a real weight loss booster. Why? because your Metabolism even more stimulated in the morning will and The afterburning effect can be exhausted properly during the dayso you burn calories endlessly.

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7. Health Booster

A beautiful body is good, a healthy body is better. In this regard, early morning exercise is ideal for one better blood circulation and ultimately for your cardiovascular system. Exercise in the morning lowers long-term risk of heart attack.

While jogging in the winter and in the morning especially for one high oxygen supply Morning jogging in the summer leads above all to an increased intake of vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system.

woman training
Even better? The head benefits from morning exercise and ensures that you can concentrate better. Photo: IMAGO / Addictive warehouse

8. Thinking help

Exercising early in the morning has the advantage of releasing hormones such as adrenaline or serotonin can be fully utilized be able to. After all, these improve the ability to concentrate over several hours, promote logical thinking and even creativity. Sounds like a successful day, right?

morning exercise? That’s how it works!

Are you convinced and want to try a new routine? Then you must overcome your inner bastard. Set your alarm on time. put your Sports equipment in front of your bed in the evening, the alarm clock at the top. The message will be understood the next morning when the annoying alarm clock rings, even with sleepy eyes.

If you still can not get together for a workout in the morning, you can take it easy and get to work on foot or by bicycle. Even the smallest progress is progress. If you eat effectively afterwards, you will do something good for your body before the second half of the day begins!

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