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A visit to a museum, a city tour, a concert or a look at the stars: Those taking a short break in Hanover can discover a lot without spending money on expensive tickets. Tips for free tours.

Many museums in the state capital of Lower Saxony open for free at certain times. Sprengel Museum, State Museum, Historical Museum and the Museum August Kestner does not charge admission on Fridays – for the State Museum, however, it only applies from kl. The Museum of the Blind in the Kirchrode district, which is still temporarily closed, does not charge admission, but prior registration is required. The Museum of Potassium and Salt Mine in Empelde offers free guided tours on Sundays from 10:00 to 13:00. At the Wöhler-Dusche-Hof in Isernhagen, just outside Hanover, visitors are shown how they lived on a farm 100 years ago. From May to Thanksgiving, visitors are welcome on Sundays from 12:00 to 17:00 – admission is free.

On the red thread through the city

The red thread also leads through the old town with many half-timbered houses.

If you want to get to know Hanover better, you can book an expensive city tour – or leave on foot. The so-called red thread guides visitors in the city to 36 sights in the city. The 4.2 kilometer long walk, marked in red on the sidewalk, leads through the old town with the Leineschloss and Marktkirche as well as to the new town hall, the opera and the main railway station. With the exception of museums, the sights along the Red Thread can be visited free of charge. The tourist information at the train station and in the new town hall holds one informative brochure about the route, which is available as a free PDF download or as a book for 3 euros.

Learning and training in nature

Out in nature: Eilenriede is one of the largest contiguous urban forests in Europe. In it At the forest station, visitors can explore 27 stations on the topic “forest life you can touch”. Many points are specifically aimed at children. The free brochure available at the entrance is useful. A walk through the free zoo in Kirchrode is also worthwhile, where there are wild boar, crown and fallow deer, red deer, some bird species and rare bats to see. Some of the animals live freely in the zoo.

A woman and a girl are jogging in Eilenriede in Hanover.  © HMTG / Martin Kirchner

Eilenriede offers plenty of space for jogging.

A track with about a dozen exercise machines in Eilenriede near the horse tower ensures fitness in the open air. Children can play with exciting equipment on the nearby playground. If you want to try the young sport disc golf – you’re trying to hit a kind of basketball hoop with a frisbee – you can go to two courses in Roderbruch-Nord and Vahrenheide to test his skills.

It is located in Hanover’s southern neighboring town of Laatzen The Park of the Senses for a walk in the countryside. Air – water – fire – earth: Visitors can perceive the four elements at different experience stations with all their senses. The species-rich park also offers nice places for picnics.

Take a walk and celebrate at Maschsee

image gallery

View from Hanover City Hall over Südstadt and Maschsee © Christian Wyrwa

Maschsee is one of the most popular destinations in Hanover. The artificial lake offers numerous recreational opportunities. image gallery

Maschsee is a place to see and be seen. Around the lake there is a path of about six kilometers, which is appreciated by both joggers, inline skaters and cyclists. Party friends and music fans can find out the free deals on looking forward to Maschseefest. Dozens of outdoor concerts, cabaret and comedy performances take place around the lake in the summer. On many weekends it goes sporty on the lake with a dragon boat or rowing regattas.

A concentrated music program in one day offers Fête de la Musique on June 21st. Hundreds of musicians from all genres of music perform on more than 40 stages in the city center.

art in the green

Leibniz Temple in the Georgengarten in Hanover © Christian Wyrwa

Georgengarten offers baroque garden art for free.

Garden art from the past is preserved in the Herrenhausen Gardens in Hanover. While a visit to the Great Garden costs admission, the nearby Georgengarten landscape park can be visited free of charge. There are many cozy places for a picnic, an afternoon barbecue or to sunbathe.

Between the western suburbs of Ronnenberg and Empelde, LandscapeArtPath offers hikers and cyclists surprising views and insights. The four-kilometer-long circular route leads to interesting artefacts in the countryside. For example, “landscape sofas” with animal heads provide beautiful views of the surroundings

More free offers

for football fans: Bundesliga professionals from Hannover 96 train on the sports fields next to the stadium at Maschsee. Sports fans can see them at work. Current dates on the club’s website.

for culture lovers: The University of Music, Theater and Media invites its students and lecturers to numerous theater performances, concerts and lectures. Current dates on the university’s website.

to the well-read: Newspapers and magazines are available free of charge at the city’s library and on-site libraries. In addition, used books can be stored or taken away at more than 30 bookshelves in the urban area.

To everyone: The website of the city of Hanover offers an updated event calendar. By checking “only free events” he filters out free offers.

Parks, swimming lakes and bike rides

Bicycle signs on the green ring around Hanover © Axel Franz / NDR Photo: Axel Franz

Blue markings show the way through the Hanover region on the green ring.

Hanover is also green away from Maschsee: When the sun is shining, the Ricklinger ponds to the south entice you to swim, numerous parks and the coastal areas of Ihme and Leine invite you to a picnic in the countryside. There are several other lakes around the city that offer a refreshing dip. These include Altwarmbüchener See, Silbersee and Waldsee in Langenhagen, Hufeisensee in Isernhagen, Koldinger See in southern Leineaue and Berenbosteler See.

A visit that can ideally be combined with a bike ride on the numerous well-marked bike paths. The Julius Trip-Ring offers an interesting tour of about 25 kilometers around the city. If you like it more sporty, choose the at least 80 km long Green Ring through the region.

For nightly: stargazing and disco

that The public observatory in the colorful Linden district invites you to see the sky for free every Thursday from September to April at 20.00 on the mountain of the same name. The control room is also open when the sky is cloudy. On request and if there are enough people, a guided tour or a slide show or movie can be shown. For music lovers, there is a free live concert on Tuesdays at the Independent Youth Center (UJZ) Glocksee. After the concerts – most of which are worth listening to – dance and party until late at night on “Ruby Tuesday”.

Note: The opening hours of the various facilities may have changed due to the corona pandemic. Some offers are currently unavailable again.

Almost free

for sightseeing: A city tour does not have to be expensive. Buses 100 and 200 are considered adventure lines. There are many sights on the ring road, such as the Opera House, football stadium, Maschsee, Lindener Berg or Lister Meile. With a day ticket for 5.60 euros, one-day travelers can get on and off as often as they want. The transport company Üstra has a leaflet ready with all the sights along the route – also online.

for the holidays: Children up to the age of 15 are offered a lot of variety in Hanover with the FerienCard. For nine euros, there is not only free access to some swimming pools for six weeks, but also many activities every day.

for the whole country: With the study holiday ticket, students up to the age of 19 can travel as often as they want, throughout Lower Saxony and Bremen as well as to Hamburg Central Station during the summer holidays. It is valid on all local trains as well as most light rail vehicles and buses. Price: 33 euros. The 2022 offer will be canceled due to the nine euro ticket.

Map: Free sights in Hanover

city ​​portrait

Leibniz University's main building © HMTG Photo: Isabell Adolf

The historic Herrenhausen Gardens and a museum with 400 works by Picasso are among the city’s highlights. more

Half-timbered houses and the tower of the Marktkirche in the Old Town of Hanover © HMTG Photo: Martin Kirchner

For many, Hanover means garden art and Maschsee. But there is also an old town with half-timbered houses, alleys and churches. more

Beds and fountains in the large garden of Hanover-Herrenhausen © TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen Photo: Markus Untergassmaier

With the surrounding landscaped gardens, the more than 300-year-old facility is an ideal destination. more

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