Final series of the German championship: polar bears win third match against Munich

Final series about the German championship

Eisbären wins third match against Munich

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In the final series of the German ice hockey league, Eisbären beat Berlin Munich 2-1 in the third match. The German champions lead 2-1 in best-of-five mode and have the chance to defend their title in Munich on Wednesday.

Eisbären Berlin won the third final match against EHC Red Bull Munich 2-1 (1-1, 1-0, 0-0) and thus took the lead in the final series with 2-1 victories. The Berlin goals were scored by Zach Boychuck and Dominik Bokk. If the polar bears win the next match for the German ice hockey championship on Wednesday at 19.30 in Munich, the German champions will be again.

Instant fire on the ice

After the German champions equalized in match two of the final series away in Munich with a 3-2 victory after extra time, the next task for the capital club awaited just a day later. Head coach Serge Aubin hoped for home advantage before the match, because the arena at Ostbahnhof, which was sold out with about 14,000 visitors, should create a unique atmosphere. But the Munich team was not impressed with this in the first final match and won 4: 3.

In the Polar Bears’ second home game in the final series, the home advantage paid off immediately. After only twelve seconds, Eisbären striker Zach Boychuk broke through Munich’s ranks and slammed the puck directly into the post of the guest box. But the Munich team immediately acknowledged with a counterattack, which polar bear goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger was able to fend off with a lightning reaction. The margin from ex-Berlin Austin Ortega just missed. So both teams were directly involved in the match.

Fast lead, fast compensation

In the fourth minute of the match, the visitors exaggerated a bit and Ben Street had to go to the penalty box to trip. The hosts were able to take advantage of the subsequent powerplay, but only with strong help from their rivals from Munich, who managed to play a puck forward, which they thought was certainly so unfortunate that the game landed on Zach Boychuck, who i.a. completely blank. The Berliner pulled right away and took the lead at 137 km / h.

But just a minute and a half later, the EHC Red Bull Munich equalized. Zach Redmond could have added one to the visitors’ lead if his free kick had gone just a little lower.

Many chances, no goals

At the end of the first third, Bayern took more and more of the initiative, but the German champions knew how to put a few accents in front of the visitors’ goal. For the last siren in the first part of the match, the Berliners had to fend off 25 shots on goal. Eisbaren’s goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger remained confident and reacted quickly without conceding another goal.

The intensity increased further in the second third, so both Red Bull Munich and Eisbären Berlin had to continue playing with one man less for two minutes. With 26 minutes played, Leonhard Pföderl could have brought this one home for Frank Hördler as he charged up on the left, but his hooked ball went just a bit too high.

The German champion then kept his challenger away from his own goal better and better. In the 31st minute, however, the Berliners were lucky: A shot parried by Niederberger jumped through the penalty area and then swirled through the legs of Munich’s Patrick Hager, who lurked at the second post.

Munich pushes, Berlin hits

The polar bears then continued to create half chances, but the second goal just did not come for the Berliners. On the other hand, Hauptstad’s team showed defensive stability and could always avoid getting behind at the last minute. On both sides, small inaccuracies in the pass or shot repeatedly ensured that the spectators could not cheer for another goal.

And then coincidences had to help a bit: In the 39th minute of the match Dominik Bokk held his bat in Kai Wissmann’s shot and the puck landed in the goal. After a short video review, the referee gave the goal and the polar bears went into the third break with a lead.

Victory thanks to defensive discipline

The third third started just as furiously as the first. Eisbär Marcel Noebels fired his shot straight at goal after 20 seconds, the puck swayed slightly in the air and landed on the crossbar. Munich goalkeeper Henrik Haukeland looked like his teammates only after this slap in the face.

After a short tussle with the defender, Maximilian Kastner finally tucked the ball home. The Berliners’ narrow lead remained as the Polar Bears defended it in a tactically disciplined manner, and goalkeeper Niederberger was always on the spot and masterfully averted the opponent’s goal threat.

Carried by the incessant applause and singing of Eisbären fans, the hosts were able to get out of any difficult situation until the end of the match. All of Munich’s attempts to attack, whether it was with a second from the line or with quick combinations, bounced off the Berlin Wall on the ice, and then the hosts were able to take a 2-1 lead in the final series of German ice hockey Championship.

Already on Wednesday at 19.30 in Munich, the polar bears have the chance to defend their championship with a victory.

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