FC Bayern Munich – Nübel with a harsh announcement in case of a new extension: “It makes no sense”

Goalkeeper Alexander Nübel, who is currently on loan from FC Bayern to AS Monaco, has stressed that a return to Munich is not an option for him if Manuel Neuer extends his contract as expected. “If Manuel’s still there, I think it’s not working anymore,” Nübel said during a media round that was also attended. SPOX and GOAL took part.

Then you have to “agree with FC Bayern how we can find the best solution, but I think if Manu is still there, it makes no sense for me to return.” There is currently no exchange, “Bayern’s focus is on other players.” They will definitely sit down to see, “what is the best solution for me and Bayern”.

Nübel is on loan to Monaco until the end of next season, while FC Bayern are trying to extend the contract with compatriot Neuer beyond 2023. An early departure from France after this season is not a problem: “I did not want that at all. much there. “

In 2020, the 25-year-old joined the record champions from FC Schalke 04, but has only played in four competitive matches in his so far only season in Munich. It was stated several times that, among other things, a use guarantee was anchored in Nübel’s contract, said adviser Stefan Backs. SID: “It should be clear to everyone that Bayern Munich have also presented a coherent concept for this, otherwise Alex would not have accepted.”

Nevertheless, Neuer could not be ignored even in relatively insignificant games, so he chose the road to the neighboring country: “For me there is no conflict, for me the focus is on Monaco. But of course: I get a glimpse of what is going on in Munich “It’s a huge advantage that things are a little quieter here. I enjoy that.”

Fog: DFB? “No exchange and no hope”

From Bayern’s point of view, the extension of Neuer’s contract is a “logical step” to retain the best priests of the last decade. Nübel basically does not want to rule out another loan, but it is “difficult”. Instead, he was “basically for me to generally go another way”. He tends to “make the right decision”. Regarding a general return to Germany in the future, he said: “I can imagine coming back to the Bundesliga if the club is not called FC Bayern.”

There is currently no contact with DFB either, which is why the chance of jumping on the World Cup train is relatively small: “There is no exchange and in fact no hope. I have handled it 0.0 per cent.” Nübel is not annoyed by this. , for: “We have fantastic goalkeepers in Germany, who all play at a high level.”

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