Endurance sports in Meerbusch Osterath

Jogging, walking and slow jogging
Fitness for everyone

Osterather Turnverein offers new courses in endurance sports. If you do not want to jog, you can start with Nordic walking or slow jogging, which comes from Japan.

Gabi Wiemer is himself a laggard. It was only when she was in her early 50s that she devoted herself to endurance sports. “I noticed that when I got older, I was no longer as healthy as I used to be,” says the retired high school teacher. Meanwhile, running, especially slow jogging and Nordic walking, has become her great passion, which she passes on to the members as a trainer in the Osterather Gymnastics Club.

Together with Carsten Gereke, who has now succeeded Ulli Siewert as leader of the OTV running group, she takes care of beginners. “It’s never too late to start walking or running. The positive effects of regular endurance sports are not long in coming,” says Gereke.

The new courses on OTV start tomorrow Wednesday. Within ten to twelve weeks, all participants should be able to run five kilometers without a break. “Anyone who does not dare to run should start with Nordic walking,” advises Wiemer. It is the ideal form of exercise for people who are overweight, people with joint problems or those who want to get back into the sport after an injury. During a training course in Munich, she also experienced that gentle outdoor training also has positive effects for cancer patients in rehabilitation or even during chemotherapy.

Walking with sticks strains and strengthens not only the leg and buttock muscles, but also the muscles of the upper body. It also boosts the immune system and cardiovascular systems. “Regular exercise lowers, among other things, high blood pressure. I know a couple of athletes who no longer needed to take their pills after regular training, ”says Wiemer.

For those who dare a little more, “slow jogging” is right for them – a trend from Japan, which makes it possible to get started running in a way that is easy for the joints. The crucial difference in jogging is only superficially the more relaxed pace. Instead of landing with the heel first, as with fast running, the slow jogger with the middle or forefoot lands with slightly bent knees. “Through this type of running, the knees, hips and spine are under significantly less stress,” says Wiemer.

If you feel even more fit, you can start jogging right away. Lauftreff leader Gereke has already completed 35 marathons in his life and is therefore a real expert in this field. However, beginners at OTV do not need to have any inhibitions. “For us, the focus is not on performance, but on health,” emphasizes Gereke. For this reason, in addition to the running courses, an outdoor circuit with exercises for stabilization and coordination is also offered. “Ideally, our participants do something holistic for their body,” Gereke emphasizes.

The Osterather TV Running Club starts tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4, at 6pm with an introductory meeting at the Krähenacker. The running units always take place on Fridays at 6 pm and Sundays at 10 am. The start for Nordic Walkers is Wednesday 11 May at 6 pm. Everyone meets at the Meererbusch forest car park between Osterath and Büderich. The number of participants is limited. For non-members, the respective course costs 40 euros, which can be set off against later entry into the association. Information and registration by e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

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