Disappointment in Lower Rhine Cup: Rot-Weiss Essen is eliminated in Wuppertal

Rot-Weiss Essen suffered a bitter bankruptcy at the end of the season. In the semi-final of the Lower Rhine Cup, RWE lost 3-1 in Wuppertal.

Red and white food can now fully concentrate on the final sprint of the title. As in the previous year, the semifinals of the Lower Rhine Cup were the end of the line for coach Christian Neidhart’s team. At the league competitor Wuppertal SV there was a 1: 3 (1: 2) defeat, which was not undeserved due to the sleepy first 20 minutes. While Wuppertal is now looking forward to the final against SV Straelen – a repeat of last year’s final – (May 21), the red and whites must quickly get their heads back up, otherwise the season’s big goal is also lost at. SV Rödinghausen Saturday.

Niederrheinpokal: Wuppertaler SV vs. Rot-Weiss Essen in live ticker to read

Wuppertal – RWE 3: 1

RWE coach Christian Neidhart had a surprise ready on the lineup: less that Felix Bastians returned to the starting 11 after recovering from an injury, but the fact that Nils Kaiser got his chance in midfield right from the start. And first of all: He filled his position properly.

The cup game took off right from the start. Wuppertal, who had met their old rivals more defensively in the league, mingled just as well. The visitors had the first chance, but Simon Engelmann shot past the far post from a narrow angle (5 ‘). The red-whites were then shocked with a double blow: Roman Prokoph took a pass perfectly into the interface, shook off the central defense and fired a powerful shot from 18 meters: 1-0 after 18 minutes to the hosts.

The Essen team had barely recovered from the shock when the hosts struck again: Prokoph had been judged 25 meters from the goal, ex-Essen player Kevin Rodrigues-Pires scored accurate goals, but his shot did not seem completely untenable – but it remained standing . 2-0 (21.).

It is incomprehensible why Björn Mehnert’s team fell back a little and brought the Essen team back into the match. Kaiser was fouled on the edge of the penalty area, but Thomas Eisfeld’s free kick hit a defender’s head into the wall. But two minutes later came the all-important goal before the break: Sandro Plechaty had made a perfect cross, Marius Kleinsorge’s header bounced off the inside post and into the net – 2: 1 (36 ‘), it sounded better again.

In the second half, the guests formed a circle again, should everything get better now? Goal scorer Prokoph (48th) had the chance to head the ball at the far post, but was no longer pushed from behind. But RWE were more attentive now: Kleinsorge throw-in, Heber extended the header – but goalkeeper Patzler pushed Engelmann’s header over the crossbar (53 ‘). A minute later he almost lived up to his name: Plechaty had shot, the WSV goalkeeper jumped forward, but Bastians failed from close range at Patzler’s toe – it was not easy not to convert him ….

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But Essen followed suit, WSV were only busy shoveling the ball out of the penalty area. RWE made a substitution after 67 minutes, Janjic came on for Kaiser – and two minutes later the last chance was gone. Another free kick found the head of the excellent Prokoph, and he raised the ball in the net from ten meters: 3: 1.

Rot-Weiss Essen also weak in the final phase

Coach Neidhart responded with a triple switch and picked up Oguzhan Kefkir, Cedric Harenbrock and Nico Haiduk. An effort was made in the subsequent period, more could not be said about the last quarter. On the contrary: Kevin Hagemann hit the ball against the crossbar (88th).

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