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Employee satisfaction is the foundation of successful companies. If employees feel good, it has a positive effect on the company because happy employees are more productive and perform better. In today’s world of work, the well-being of employees should therefore be given high priority. In this context, the design of the workplace plays an important role. An employee-friendly workplace can create a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. But what is important and what factors have a particular impact on employee well-being and performance? blackolive summarizes some important aspects of employee-oriented building and workplace design.

“High-quality workplace design is especially implemented in new building concepts such as smart or green buildings. This creates a sustainable and comfortable work area that increases employee health and efficiency, “explains Oliver Schön, CEO of blackolive.” Above all, air quality, room climate and lighting conditions are crucial to well-being and have an impact on cognitive performance. ”

Modern building concepts usually offer innovative heating and cooling systems with intelligent control technology. “In this way, employees can adjust the room temperature individually to their needs, which has a positive effect on their well-being and satisfaction,” says the CEO of blackolive from personal experience. The lighting conditions are also of great importance in an employee-friendly workplace interior, because lack of daylight and too much artificial lighting can lead to difficulty concentrating. A high amount of daylight, for example through an optimal arrangement of skylights or glass walls, plays an important role in the planning of modern office buildings.

In addition, there are other aspects of workplace design that are conducive to making employees feel comfortable in their workplace. For example, modern office concepts, the so-called “New Work”, often offer different room types or different zones in an open office landscape. “Depending on their needs, employees can then choose between work areas for focused individual work, creative brainstorming or joint meetings,” explains Schön. Targeted sound-insulating measures such as room dividers or acoustic images also play a major role in this context, because the acoustics of a room have a significant impact on employees’ motivation and health. In addition, the office atmosphere can be positively affected by a harmonious color choice. Colors can have a stimulating or calming effect. In addition, spaces can appear larger or smaller with the right color combination. Plants also contribute to an attractive working environment and also improve air quality. In terms of workplace equipment, ergonomic desk chairs and tables with wheels and height adjustment are a way to promote employee health and satisfaction.

“Retreats such as lounge areas or green inner courtyards and roof terraces also have a positive effect on employee well-being and can contribute to faster regeneration in stressful phases,” adds the CEO of blackolive. A well-equipped kitchen and its own bistro with varied and healthy dishes are also very popular with the staff. Exercise incentives like an in-house gym or bike parking are also a plus. It is correct to mention charging stations for electric cars here, but they should now be part of the basic equipment on a property.

In addition to the employees, the companies in particular benefit from an employee-friendly working environment, because increased performance has a positive effect on the company’s success. In addition, employee illness and downtime are reduced. In addition, an employee-oriented workplace can also be a powerful recruitment tool. In summary, renting a modern building designed for the well-being of users has positive effects on an individual, business and ecological level. If you want to take advantage of these benefits, the experienced consultants at blackolive can help you find an employee-friendly office in and around Frankfurt.

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