Apple, Fitbit or Samsung? This is the best smartwatch

  • Smart watch in the test: Apple, Fitbit or Samsung? This is the best smartwatch
  • Stiftung Warentest: 13 new models in the 2022 test
  • Who makes the race: Apple or Samsung?
  • Where is it difference between fitness trackers and smartwatches?

They are small, handy and give us all sorts of information about our bodies: Today it is Smartwatches and fitness trackers it’s hard to imagine people’s wrists without it. Stiftung Warentest regularly checks the latest models for their features – 13 fitness trackers and smartwatches will be added to the test database again in 2022. Samsung, Fitbit or Apple – we reveal which brand came in first place.

Smartwatches at Stiftung Warentest: These are the new ones in the 2022 test

In the smartwatch test 2022 of the Stiftung Warentest there is 13 new models: There are ten smartwatches and three fitness trackers. Among them are the new ones Apple Watch 7 as well as two versions of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

So far, there are 78 smartwatches and fitness trackers in Stiftung Warentest’s test database. The testers tested these for the fitness functions “heart rate”, “distance length” and “calorie consumption” – the accuracy with which these values ​​could be determined when swimming, jogging, cycling and walking were controlled.

Emphasis was also placed on the communication features of smartwatches and fitness trackers. The tests deal primarily with usability and also data protection and security. A possible contamination content of the bracelets on the watches was also investigated in the laboratory.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers: What’s the difference?

Smartwatches can usually do more than fitness trackers: While fitness trackers primarily have fitness features, smartwatches are usually equipped with extra features.

fitness tracker measure heart rate, can measure distances or indicate calorie consumption – additional features are rather the exception or only partially available. Smaller equipment is also reflected in the price: Fitness trackers are often significantly cheaper than smartwatches. The battery charge on a fitness tracker often lasts longer than on a smartwatch.

Someone looking for a more expensive one smartwatch buys, but also gets more for your money: In addition to measuring fitness data, you can also use them to make phone calls, view and answer short messages, navigate and control music on the connected smartphone. Some models even store music themselves and can play it independently of the smartphone. Some watches even have a contactless payment feature.

Samsung, Apple or Fitbit – these are the best smartwatches and fitness trackers in the 2022 test

Apple is leading the race: Several models from the cult brand are right at the top of the Stiftung Warentest list of best products – including the current model, the Apple Watch Series 7 *. The smartwatch received the quality rating “Good” (2.0) and scored particularly well in the areas of “Communication and other functions”, “Stability” and “Toxic substances”. The Apple Watch Series 6 * also received the “Good” rating (2.0) in the test – only the data protection allows for improvements in both models.

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The Fenix ​​6 Pro smartwatch from Garmin * is also top notch, which is also “Good” (2.1) and performs more than satisfactorily in all test categories. In terms of price, Garmin is even higher than Apple Watches. On the other hand, the Watch GT 3 46mm from Huawei * is a bit cheaper, which is available from Amazon at a relatively low price of 189 euros (as of 3 May 2022 at 14.18). However, the lower price is only imperceptibly reflected in the quality: the Huawei smartwatch is also “good” (2.2).

Apple competitor Samsung is a little further down the list: Galaxy Watch 4 (44 mm) from Samsung * is still “Good” (2.4) and is also at the top of the test categories “Communication and other features”, “Stability” and “polluting substances “. Fitbit * fitness trackers, however, tend to place themselves in the middle and not in the front seats. The Fitbit Sense * model achieves at least a “satisfactory” (2.9).

Apple or Samsung – who has the better smartwatch?

The test results show: Apple is ahead when it comes to smartwatches. Although telephoning, receiving messages, and playing music work really well with both watches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has issues in some areas. The watch responds, among other things, with a time delay in turning the arm to turn it on. In addition, the heart rate measurement on the Galaxy Watch 4 is not as accurate as on the Apple Watch 7. However, the smartwatch from Samsung delivers reliable results for other fitness features. The striking thing about the new models is that Apple excludes competing operating systems and Samsung’s smartwatches are only compatible with Android devices. There are no real innovations compared to the predecessor models of the two trendy brands.

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Like its predecessor, the Apple Watch 6 *, the Apple Watch 7 * took first place in the current Stiftung Warentest test. It has a larger screen than the Watch 6, a dustproof housing and a faster charging time. Above all, the Apple Watch 7 is characterized by the high precision of the measurement and the communication features are also excellent. A small minus is the battery life: This is only 9 hours in training mode, without 48 hours. One consolation: loading is very fast (it only takes about an hour).

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 * reliably measures distances and calorie consumption, it does not accurately reflect your heart rate when cycling, running and swimming. The watch’s communication features are top notch, but the blood pressure measurement and ECG only work with Samsung smartphones. Compared to the Apple model, the Samsung smartwatch battery lasts longer: 10 hours in training mode, without a full 53 hours.

Conclusion: Apple has the best smartwatch – Samsung is lagging behind

Apple is and will always be at the forefront when it comes to the best smartwatch: In the test from Stiftung Warentest, the new Apple Watch 7 clearly surpasses the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The predecessor model, the Apple Watch 6, also took first place.

Anyone who wants to monitor and measure their physical activities, such as their heart rate, will benefit from a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. A useful gadget, especially for athletes and hobby athletes, which also combines features such as telephony or listening to music.

You can find the complete test result with all 78 tested smartwatches and fitness trackers on the official Stiftung Warentest website for a fee.

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