Youtube Trend: What are ASMR Videos?

ASMR: What does that mean?

ASMR means or is the abbreviation for “Autonomic sensory meridian response”but there is no German translation for this term. In short, this will be one the dot in the head and a state of complete relaxation. This reaction of the body can be caused by various so-called “trigger” to be triggered. This can be sounds, images or touches. A particularly soft voice that whispers, rubs his hands together, removes adhesive strips, cuts soap and much more ASMR cause. In these very special videos, it crackles, crackles and rattles like crazy.

Anyone who has ever had the ASMR dot in their head will want to feel it again and again!

What ASMR videos are there?

As already mentioned, countless different stimuli can ASMR trigger. However, a few of the triggers are more common, which is why most ASRM videos are there. This includes:

  • Soft Whisper (Whisper): Sometimes so soft that you do not understand what is being said or even speaking in a fantasy language
  • Mouth sounds: All the sounds that mouth, tongue and lips can make
  • blower (ear blower)
  • hair brushing
  • Scratches and knocks with fingers and nails (knocks, scratches)
  • Role-playing games such as visits to the hairdresser, the focus is on the resulting sounds
  • Massage plus the accompanying sounds
YouTube Trend: What are ASMR Videos?
Instead of blowing into the microphone, many ASMR artists stroke it with objects, like a brush here

What are ASMR videos good for?

For most people, one ASMR can get, it feels extremely reassuring. Therefore, many who can not sleep well, use it, or to get the necessary relaxation (eg from stress at school or work). Studies have also shown this ASMR videos can help lower your heart rate and calm you down. For some, they may even reduce panic attacks. Unfortunately, not everyone can have this experience. The reason for this has not yet been investigated in detail.

YouTube Trend: What are ASMR Videos?
ASMR videos help many people fall asleep

Am I susceptible to ASMR?

just like you on ASMR videos respond, you can test it with this ASMR clip. There is no whisper in the video, because it’s about ice cream. For a few minutes, stir and feel ice cream in different shapes (crushed ice in a drink, ice cubes, ice cubes) with your hands, making different sounds that should send a pleasant shiver down your spine. The reaction is also often described as a “brain orgasm”.


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Well, you get it with these sounds too tingling feeling? Or do you just think it’s stupid? Of course, you may be one of those who does not ASMR can feel. However, it is much more likely that you just have another trigger. Do not give up right away, just look at one or the other ASMR video with other sounds and images.

How do I record an ASMR video myself?

Just sit in front of the microphone and whisper or scratch something – it’s so easy to record a good one ASMR videos did not see. Since most people hear sound through headphones, it is best that the sound looks as if it is coming right next to your head. For this you need to record in stereo quality. But it gets even better with two microphones that are a head width apart and facing outward. There must be something in between that reflects the sound and acts as a kind of main substitute. It’s not that easy, but give it a try!

How many people watch ASMR videos on YouTube?

More than you might think now: ASMR videos is among the most watched videos on YouTube. These are numbers that sometimes not even established YouTube stars get for their clips! In the US, the subject has been a hit for a while, now it is ASMR also arrived in Germany for some time and they are becoming more and more popular. The stage for the so-called ASMRtists (ASMR + Artist) is getting bigger and bigger, and they are trying to make more and more elaborate videos. Sure, many do not really understand the hype about it. For everyone it helps though, the rocks are a great thing. So like more of it!

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