VfL Bochum: Schindzielorz gets excited about the conclusion

What a festive weekend it was for VfL Bochum. We talked about it with Sebastian Schindzielorz.

Of VfL Bochum managed to stay up. As it should be after a strong season, the final chord was one big sight. After 4: 3 in the derby at BVB nothing can happen to Bochum anymore. What followed was one big party in Bochum. Believe the motto: “Here to stay.”

Bundesliga football will also be on offer at VfL in the 2022/23 season, and the day after the break we spoke with Bochum’s sporting director, Sebastian Schindzielorz.

Sebastian Schindzielorz, how do you rate Saturday for the rescue a day later?

I did not have that much time to review the day. Some time ago, we had already agreed on a number of agreements that we kept during the day. But it will definitely happen in the coming days, then the thoughts come to the individual moments. The dramaturgy on Saturday was very special.

Many did not think VfL would be able to stay up in the league. What was the secret to success?

It is often the case that climbers are mentioned when it comes to the potential relegation. We did not let that irritate or disturb us. We have tried to find creative solutions on how to meet the big challenges. We also thought a lot about what style of play we need to be able to survive in the league, so we chose the guys who came to us. And we did it as a community, not everyone took themselves too seriously, the focus was on the case. There was a lot of discussion about the situation in the club, we had to adapt to new situations again and again. What set us apart was that we believed in ourselves and our strengths, all contracted. Now we are happy that we secured relegation early. There are still two games to play, so it’s important that we focus on that again. We’re enjoying the moment, but the match against Bielefeld is also important because other teams are still struggling to stay up. It is our duty to approach the meetings seriously and professionally.

After the rescue, the new season is already being planned. Do you have time to enjoy the moment?

The ascent was a sensation and we topped it again. Of course we want to enjoy it and stop the time, but the football industry is different. The next match is on the program again this weekend, so we will be challenged again. In addition, the planning of the new season is in full swing, this is a story that never rests. We must always be busy, never stand still, things must be started. We try to do both things at the same time. It is a pleasant situation and that makes us proud. For it is a great success for VfL to stay up.

The team celebrated relegation with the fans in the Bermuda Triangle, does it fit the team that is down to earth?

We did not have a detailed schedule before the match at BVB. It is not okay to organize something in the background if you have not finished your tasks yet. We are a very spontaneous team. It was clear that if we were successful, we would have no problem getting things started. We wanted to be down to earth and tangible to the fans. The followers were always there for us, so we looked for ways to show closeness. It was a wonderful story, we are also happy to see people so happy. It was a piece to give back. The support was fantastic.

What was your personal highlight of the season?

The highlight is being away in the Bundesliga. So I can name the whole season, even if there were ups and downs. When talking about the heights, one is of course quick to win at home against Bayern or win the derby at BVB, also because we could celebrate relegation there. In addition, Milos Pantovic’s fantastic goal or Gerrit Holtmann’s goal of the year, you do not see that often. In general, however, it is also the performance of VfL Bochum as a Bundesliga club that is an absolute highlight. We were an asset with all the values ​​we stand for. People appreciate what we have done. gp / cb

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