“They stink of fear”: So wildly do the Russians insult each other

When the muses thunder, the weapons must be silenced, as the Russian-language media used to joke, transforming the famous Latin proverb into its opposite: the struggle for supremacy now rages so high in Putin’s empire that even tanks can hardly fight. it turns out, and even a top diplomat like the spokeswoman for the State Department, Maria Zakharova (46), became violent.

“No one believes in her sincerity,” scolded Hollywood actress Angelia Jolie, who visited Lviv in Ukraine. But that’s not all: Zakharova was angry that the media showed “empathy” for the Ukrainians, but did not report on the 8th anniversary of the fire disaster in the trade union building in Odessa, in which 48 pro-Russian protesters were killed on time. Apparently bring “no advertising money”.

“I do not believe in their sincerity”

None of those who left Russia “because of excessive fear” have commented, neither “media personalities” nor “celebrities and social activists”. The mass executions in Bucha, on the other hand, immediately became a problem in these circles, Zakharova said on his Telegram profile: “I do not believe in their sincerity either. I believe that their ‘true patriotism’ cannot be awakened without money.” and if the fatherland, without asking them directly, merely expects decent behavior, they stink of fear. ”

One would have expected fewer wild words from a senior diplomat, but her boss, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, had just caused a lot of damage to himself with incomprehensible remarks.

Some fuses blew

The fact that Hitler allegedly had “Jewish blood” in him (“I could be wrong too”), and that Jews are said to be the most passionate anti-Semites (“There are black sheep everywhere”), as Lavrov had claimed on Italian television , created a huge uproar in Israel’s Indignation. Apparently, a lot of fuss has been made in the Russian Foreign Ministry, because Israel has a large population of Russian origin and has so far not been one of the Kremlin’s declared opponents, but one of the circle of possible mediators.

But Putin’s propaganda machine seems to have faltered. The Kremlin’s most aggressive speakers came under considerable pressure. For example, the brave leader of RT Russia, Margarita Simonjan (42), had to have a reprimand from one of the most prominent hit stars because she had insulted the popular TV host and anti-war person Maxim Galkin (45) as “gay “. who because of the money had an “old woman”, namely the singer Alla Pugacheva (73), with whom he has lived in Israel for a few weeks.

“You start spreading advice”

Kremlin darling and music icon Filipp Kirkorow (55), reminiscent of fashion designer Harald Glööckler, commented on this slip with the words: “I am increasingly feeling a growing internal aggression against each other. We are a multinational people. And now when I see stigma from people with different attitudes makes me bitter. You witch hunters deepen internal divisions. You start spreading corruption. ”

Margarita Simonjan could confidently relate this to herself personally. But a woman like her, who, according to her own statement, is not even afraid of nuclear war because everyone has to die, will hardly be impressed by threats from Pugacheva’s fans who announced that they would “smash them”: “We have to do certain evils and punish rudeness, those who cynically and maliciously break the law, “the legendary singer’s followers raged against Simonyan.

“Abominable liberal hole”

Only one is perhaps even more unscrupulous: the TV speaker and Putin comrade Vladimir Solovyov (58), who is now in trouble because he condemned the city of Yekaterinburg as a “disgusting liberal hole”. Since then, an unparalleled wave of anger has swept over the extremist. Local patriots have threatened lawyers and said he should prepare for a beating, and they can hardly be sold as “Ukrainian sabotage.” Boxer and Olympic champion Yegor Mechontsev (37) wrote of Solovyov’s failures: “You are the neo-Nazi you are talking about. You divide people into Ural and Muscovites, into Ukrainians and Russians. You are the villain.”

“Groats! That’s a new word”

Ironically, right-wing politician Ilya Wiktorowitsch Lazarenko (48) had to be told by nationalist Solovyov that he had “left an old fart” and that his view of Yekaterinburg was just “grunt” – a phrase that has since made a career: “Grunts “It’s a new word, the discovery of these days. It was especially liked by those who do not like either Putin or ‘special operations’,” according to pro-Kremlin political scientist Sergei Markov (64).

Discussion forums have been buzzing since then, and dissidents already have concrete suspicions: “The presidential administration is rapidly losing control of the situation. The puppets have become independent, and each of them is rowing as they see fit.” The highly circulating “Moskovsky Komsomolets” wrote: “Masculinity does not make the gutter language, but regular visits to the gym and an honest admission of one’s own mistakes.”

Ukrainian journalist Sergei Naumovich commented on the scathing dispute that “the level of communication in the Russian Federation” had reached a “new high”, which would more likely mean a low point.

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