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SV Darmstadt 98 has set the next exclamation point in the battle for promotion to the 2. Bundesliga. The match was decided against Aue after 19 minutes. The Southern Hessians were not happy with that.

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Darmstadt with shooting festival against Aue


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SV Darmstadt 98 has taken a big step towards promotion to the Bundesliga. The lilies managed Erzgebirge Aue 6-0 (4-0) on Saturday night. The goals were scored by Luca Pfeiffer (16 ‘), Tim Skarke (18’, 39 ‘), Braydon Manu (19’), Mathias Honsak (74 ‘) and Tobias Kempe (90’).

While the Saxons have finally been relegated, the Lilies now have the best chance of advancing to the top tier two games before the end of the season. Darmstadt is number two in the table with 57 points, just on points with Werder Bremen in third place, but with the better goal difference. The distance to Hamburger SV and FC St. Pauli is three points.

Three goals in four minutes

The lilies did not leave Aue for a second in doubt as to who was in charge of the house. Manu and Skarke in particular attracted attention from the outside, often changed sides and created confusion in the backs of the guests. The result: early ball loss of the violets. Then Kempe reacted quickly and staged Luca Pfeiffer on the edge of the penalty area. The attacker turned, missed his opponent in a very small space and shot in with his left foot exactly in the lower left corner (16 ‘).

The battle was like a can opener. The guests were visibly restless and completely broke up within seconds. The violins again lost the ball on their own sixteen, Phillip Tietz sent Skarke into the penalty area to the left, who shot into the far post (18 ‘). Just a minute later, Manu raised the ball in the left corner on the right side of the penalty area (19 ‘).

Skarke has not had enough

The lilies played as if they were busy, did not let up even with a 3-0 in the back and came up with several other chances. Captain Fabian Holland missed two very close shots (28 ‘, 41’), but it was 4-0 when the left-back had another chance. After the next Auer error in midfield, Manu was up and away, placed across the penalty area on Skarke, who had hurried, who pushed the ball into goal (39th).

It was only after the break, when ex-top striker Serdar Dursun was subsequently said goodbye, that the home team switched gears down. A shot from Tietz went well over goal (56 ‘). For the time being, however, the Southern Hessians had no more to offer in terms of dangerous conclusions.

Serdar Dursun says goodbye to the lilies.

Aue wakes up, Darmstadt scores

Aue actually had the first significant chance in the 65th minute. Jan Zolinski headed a long shot from substitute Jan Hochscheidt just inches away from the post. It would have been a well-deserved consolation goal at the time because the lilies let the game slide a little too much.

Because it was easy in Darmstadt that night, the evening’s fifth goal was also a lily goal. Mathias Bader unleashed a swerving effort from the right that the visitors’ keeper did well to tip wide. Tobias Kempe made Lilien’s highest win of the season perfect with a direct free kick in the 90th minute.

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Darmstadt 98 – Erzgebirge Aue 6: 0 (4: 0)

Darmstadt: Sko – Bader, P.Pfeiffer Isherwood, Holland – Gjasula (84. Müller), Kempe – Skarke (68. Ronstadt), Manu (61. Honsak) – Tietz (68. Mehlem), L.Pfeiffer (84. Karic)

Aue: Klewin – Barylla (70th Baumgart), Gonther, Cacutalua, Carlson – Messeguem (70th Ballas), Schreck – Zolinski (85th Lang), Nazarov, Strauss (45th Fandrich) – Trujic (46th Hochscheidt)

Porte: 1: 0 L. Pfeiffer (17th), 2: 0 Skarke (18th), 3: 0 Manu (19th), 4: 0 Skarke (39th), 5: 0 Honsak (74th), 6: 0 , Kempe (90th)

judging: Dingert (Lebecksmühle)
Seere: 14,000

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