The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes want to whirl into the playoffs

For the first time since 2017, the Kiel footballers want to enter the play-off phase of the German football league in the 2022 season. There are high hopes for the two newcomers Andrew Dion and Quinlen Dean. But your own offspring should also give you a big boost.

It took almost a month before Andrew Dion could already say a phrase that sounds promising: “I have a good relationship with the recipients – and he gets better every day.” And the new quarterback is not only doing well on the field hurricanes already at home. “There is a special atmosphere in the team. We have already become friends – you can feel it on the pitch. “

Newcomer fable about the atmosphere at Canes

New Kiel defense chief Quinlen Dean, who joined the GFL from the Canadian Football League, also sees his team on track to prepare for the season starting for Kielers on May 22 away at the New York Lions in Braunschweig. “We now know how to coordinate so we can play faster – and the people of Kiel are really sweet,” he says, adding with a wink: “The only thing we still have to learn to understand is your waste sorting system. “

This is where teammates can help, who otherwise should primarily benefit from the Americans’ vast football experience. For example, Tristan Thormählen. He started playing football with the Canes at the age of ten and is now, ten years later, on the GFL team. “There’s a great atmosphere here,” excites the striker, who has already impressed Dean with his enthusiasm for training. “He’s already making some calls faster than me,” the American says.

Englmann could soon spin for the national team

As has been the case since the club was restructured, the Hurricanes remain dependent on a group of young players from the region, many of whom have come from their own youth on the first division team. Head coach Timo Zorn welcomes 20 new faces this year and expects the debutants from last year to develop into top performers.

Benedikt Englmann has been one of them for years. The wide receiver enters his eighth season with Kielers and has turned down offers from the European League of Football, which was founded in 2021, to continue participating in the reconstruction of Kiel. “We are in a fantastic process here, the chemistry was right from day one,” said the 28-year-old, who had special permission to stay away from training on Sunday: Along with 100 other German footballers, he was in the try-out for the national team Cologne invited.

The Kiel Baltic Hurricanes will continue to rely on their offspring in the 2022 season – and on new support from the United States.

Just over half of the players will join the international squad, which will begin preparations for the World Cup next year. He will find out in the coming weeks whether Englmann is involved. “It would be cool,” he says, finishing in the top 100 for the first time. However, Kiel’s focus is still on the club. “I would love to win the German bowl with the sticks,” he says. “If the national team succeeds, it’s a nice fee on top of that.”

Head coach Zorn is still looking for American reinforcements

But his motto “step by step” also applies to the people of Kiel. After finishing fifth last season, Canes aims to qualify for the playoffs next season, a place in the top four of the North season. They will deal with the New York Lions Braunschweig, Dresden Monarchs, Potsdam Royals, Cologne Crocodiles, Berlin Rebels, Düsseldorf Panthers and Berlin Eagles. Competition that is difficult to assess before the start of the season after the Corona break and upheavals. “We’ll see that in week one,” coach Zorn said. “At least I’m very happy with how we’re set up.” However, the Kielers want to strengthen with another receiver and a defensive back from the USA before the start of the season. “Only details need to be clarified,” Zorn says.

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