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Zverev: “We are not being tested”

Alexander Zverev sparked a discussion during the week following his victory in the second round over local hero John Millman, saying: “We are not being tested and I think if we were tested, there could be more positive tests than there are now. “

Number three on the world rankings referred to the numbers in the state of Victoria. On Saturday, authorities there reported 16,016 new cases spread across about 6.6 million inhabitants. Slightly less than half of these were transmitted via rapid tests.

Nine days ago, there were more than twice as many (more than 37,000). Rapid testing is in short supply in Melbourne. They are almost always sold out in the stores. The number of unreported cases is therefore likely to be higher.

Daily inspection on the premises

Evidence of vaccination is checked daily on site. Otherwise, accreditation for interviews also gives access to the player areas, and players also get in touch with fans. There is another philosophy below Those who have been vaccinated are treated casually.

Those responsible for the tournament around the heavily criticized tournament director Craig Tiley are happy with the rules of the event. Players should undergo a reliable PCR test within the first 24 hours of arrival. There is another test under supervision between day five and seven. There are discussions about the procedure.

Kohlmann: “The rules were suddenly relaxed”

“The rules changed every day”says Germany Davis Cup-Captain and national coach Michael Kohlmann on sports show demand. In Sydney, where the German team initially ATP Cup played, the second test must initially be a PCR test. “The official rules were suddenly relaxed”, Kohlman explains. The procedure in Melbourne was the same.

After this second rapid test, which should be performed under supervision, only testing is recommended. When Sportschau asked about his third-round victory last Friday against Radu Albut, Zverev explained that the players received daily test sets from those in charge.

“Ultimately, we have to take responsibility as players. I have this responsibility – I do it. I can not decide for other players.”explained Zverev.

The government and the Australian Open would have thought this through thoroughly and decided it “We players live like all Australians do here. But I hope the players and their coaches are honest enough to say, ‘if I’m not feeling well, I’ll do one or two more tests’ to be fair to the other players.

Probably more positive cases before leaving the country

Players should only be tested when they leave the country after being eliminated from the country’s most important sporting event – many of them Airlines require it. Frenchman Hugo Humbert lost in the first round to compatriot Richard Gasquet and tested positive before leaving the country.

Kohlmann referred to that case and reported that there were rumors in player circles about other positive cases before departure. But Kohlman says: “The players can not make the rules here – otherwise Novak Djokovic would definitely have played too. We have to stick to the rules.” But like Kovermann, Kohlmann also believes: “If 128 players were tested now, we would have one or the other positive.”

Mies: Find it okay like that

There will not be many failures like the world championship in darts between the years or the handball championship, which right now takes place without PCR tests. Double specialist Andreas Mies explained that his partner Kevin Krawietz and he did not conduct more tests after day seven because it was no longer mandatory. “If you do not feel well or have symptoms overnight, you should take responsibility and be tested yourself.”

It’s still a hot topic among the players. According to Krawietz, German players go out to eat together more often – where possible outside to minimize risk. Otherwise, behave normally. Mies rated: “It would not be nice for the tournament if players could not compete in the quarter-finals even if they had no symptoms. Therefore, I think it is actually okay as it is now.”

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