SV Darmstadt 98 beats Erzgebirge Aue in the 2. Bundesliga

Ein fish hat as a climbing accessory? It could happen in Darmstadt. When Braydon Manu reached the ball from the right half of the box and immediately slammed it into the top corner, the shock that went through the stadium was palpable. For the return to the Bundesliga suddenly seemed closer than ever.

A “Lilien” team that played loose, a happy audience and the competitors who lost points in the battle for promotion – it was the ingredients that made up an emotionally high-speed Saturday night at Böllenfalltor. When Manu put the ball in the net in the 19th minute, it was 3-0 in the 6-0 home win over Aue. It was the third goal in just four minutes.

The offensive man Manu got the bank to give him a fish hat and staged a fashionable extravagant solo celebration. A reminiscence of a funny incident from the previous week in the 2-1 victory at St. Pauli. When Manu, who was suspended there, ran out onto the lawn to celebrate it – with a fish hat and smart shoes – the stewards did not take him for a Darmstadt winger, but for a speedster.

The “Lilies” not only moved up to second place directly on match day, which went so well for them, but also improved their goal difference. A factor that can be of enormous value in the final statement 13 days from now. Werder and St. Pauli is better than in this respect in what seems to be the way forward – four-way battle.

“The atmosphere carried us”

Head coach Torsten Lieberknecht described the evening as a “unique victory in front of a unique backdrop”. He perceived his players as “very greedy”. 6: 0 – the “lilies” have sent out a clear sign of strength before the last two matches, which should be furioso for the SVD final. “Come down, relax and then perform in Düsseldorf with everything we have,” is the schedule up to Friday night in Tobias Kempe’s eyes. The central midfielder, who is enjoying a strong season, sealed the point with a direct free kick at the last second against the unfortunate Auer, who was confronted with fierce support after the final whistle that closed the relegation.

“The atmosphere carried us. We were all ready there. There was a huge desire to see how the team lives,” said Kempe.

The 13,850 spectators at the sold-out stadium building site could not even breathe during the break that night under the spotlight. Club president Rüdiger Fritsch moderated the farewell to Serdar Dursun, last year’s Darmstadt goal scorer (27 goals), with a harsh voice. What was not possible at the time due to the corona, the professional who migrated to Fenerbahce Istanbul and became a Turkish national striker, scoring 59 goals in three SVD years, now made up for the cheers of the fans.

Lieberknecht had demanded an “ice-cold attitude” from his current professionals before kick-off. He got a team that coldly took advantage of the opportunities that came. In those intoxicating four minutes, Luca Pfeiffer scored his 14th goal of the season (16th), which is a beautiful one; Tim Skarke increased to 2: 0 (18), before not even a turn later, as mentioned, Manu massively stepped in to score.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Darmstadt then increased playfully by hitting the target. Skarke only had to finish a well-placed post from the small free man Manu to 4-0 (39 ‘), then substitute Mathias Honsak was only allowed to push the ball over the line (74’) after strong preparation from kl. Luca Pfeiffer.

“We are a team,” said coach Lieberknecht, “who want to fulfill a dream. I want it for my boys, because apart from three players, they only know the Bundesliga from television.” The competitors in front of the TV must have followed the Darmstadt performance with awe. Four points from the remaining two matches are enough for the “lilies” to secure their place in the relegation zone.

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