Still on course with a successful Sunday show

Gummersbach – After the clear home victory in the top match over Nordhorn, VfL Gummersbach is still on course Bundesliga – ‘RPP – Outpatient Therapy and Rehabilitation Center’ and AggerEnergie presents the report on VfL Gummersbach.

By Uli Klein

VfL Gummersbach – HSG Nordhorn 35:25 (17:15).

It’s part of the top team’s brand essence that after defeat – especially if they came as a surprise – they do their job all the more concentrated on the subsequent match days. This also applies to the handball players at VfL Gummersbach. After the sovereign second division leader only brought two instead of the expected four points from his east tour in the last few days (victory in Aue, bankruptcy in Dessau), they wanted to fix some things in the home game against third-placed HSG Nordhorn.


In plain language: The handball community from the county of Bentheim must have shown the boundaries corresponding to the first match in Nordhorn (28:22) and in the cup game that followed shortly afterwards (38:26). A project that should succeed: After the guests presented themselves as great opponents in the first 30 minutes, they went under again in the second round of the SCHWALBE arena. The designated returnee from the first division sent Lower Saxony home north with a double-digit swatter (25:35) in the sports baggage and took the next notable step on the road to the handball league.

[Ohne Nerven vom Siebenmeterstrich: Janko Bozovic kommt nach seiner Verletzung immer besser in Form.]

However, Janko Bozovic listened carefully to his main boss: “We have a great opportunity. But there is still something to do,” said the Austrian left-handed player with exactly the humility that his coach has preached for weeks, yes months. .

But if Blauweiß can first start building on the qualities brought to the floor against the handball community in the second 30 minutes, the preparations for the obligatory promotion celebration should begin promptly. On Sunday afternoon, however, the guests first tried to play the role of uninvited party crackers.

[Ole Pregler sorgte vor der Pause für viel Wirbel in der Nordhorner Defensive.]

Although VfL quickly made it 7: 4 (13th), they made a few mistakes in the attack and did not pack enough defensively. Nordhorn thanked them for this concession and equalized until the 20th minute (9: 9). But then Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson got an idea that would have a decisive influence on the rest of the feature film. Shortly after, VfL coach Martin Nagy ordered between the posts instead of Tibor Ivanisevic when the score was 12:12.

The move caught fire: The Hungarian not only immediately parried a penalty throw from Robert Weber, but seconds later he also deprived Lasse Seidel, who was completely free, of a premium opportunity. Now that his colleagues were more concentrated going forward, the hosts managed to go into the break with at least a slight advantage.

In the locker room, Sigurdsson found just the right pitch: In any case, his boys returned to the record with great concentration. And because Nagy improved the top form he had shown before the change, Nordhorn was able to keep up for a quarter of an hour, at least in terms of results, but after 25:20 (45th) the initial troublemakers did not get it. in addition to the role of interested observers of Gummersbach Sunday afternoon show.

[Nach einem Tempogegenstoß sackte Timm Schneider zusammen. Er habe bei der Landung einen Stich im Knie gespürt, sagte der VfL-Kapitän nach dem Spiel.]

The only drop of bitterness for VfL on this successful afternoon. Seconds before the end of the match, Timm Schneider slipped after a counter-attack and had to be brought injured into the locker room. On Monday, the captain will be examined further in MRI. According to an initial diagnosis in the locker room, the structure of the knee remained undamaged.

Gummersbach: Tibor Ivanisevic (1st to 20th / 4th saves, including 1 penalty, Martin Nagy from 20th / 12 saves, including 1 penalty); Janko Bozovic (7/3), Julian Köster (6), Lukas Blohme, Fynn Herzig (5 each), Ole Pregler, Raul Santos (4 each), Jonas Stüber (2), Ellidi Vidarsson, Stepan Zemann (1 each).

nordhorn: Ravensbergen (3 saves, Buhrmester 4 saves); Weber (7/4), Pöhle (7/1), Torbrügge (4), Medema (1), Mickal, Stegefeld, Terwolbeck (3), Fontaine, Visser, de Boer, Possehl, Seidel (1) Kalafut (2) .


4: 6 minutes (Köster, Santos – Pöhle, Possehl, Kalafut).



seven meters: 3/3 – 6/9 (Weber fails at Nagy and Ivanisevic ;, Pöhle fails at Nagy).


Christian and Fabian from Dorff (Kaarst).

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