Real Madrid: Carlo Ancelotti secures the league title

Carlo Ancelotti will secure another season as coach of Real Madrid when he wins the championship – regardless of the outcome of the Champions League semi-finals. The 62-year-old “wants to stay a while longer”.


Ancelotti proud to be back and Real Madrid manager – Photo: IMAGO / Marca

Ancelotti on Real Madrid’s return: “I still do not believe it”

MADRID. He would not praise the day before the evening because he “superstitious” maybe. When Carlo Ancelotti asked at a press conference by Real Madrid on Friday about his sense of the almost certain results of triumphing in the Spanish league after the championships in Italy, England, France and Germany, he kept a low profile – until the day after like his professionals and madridistas to celebrate .

After the final whistle of the 4-0 victory over Espanyol on the 34th matchday of the Primera División, the 62-year-old Italian sang along with Real’s anthem “Hala Madrid y nada más”. He even happily shed a tear or two, was cheered on by his players who were thrown into the air, and told reporters on the sidelines: “I want to thank the club for bringing me back when I did not expect it. Too true. It’s special to be the coach of Real Madrid and it was lucky to come back. I still do not believe in it. There is something especially at Real Madrid, the jersey weighs heavily – and not just for the players. “

Real Madrid Championship Celebration: Ancelotti jokes and warms up

Ancelotti had to and still has to listen to criticism from the media and madridismo this season, despite the many successful matches that made it look like he enjoyed this title party on Saturday. On the party bus, he danced with Vinícius Júnior and Éder Militão, tapped Karim Benzema on one shoulder and then scared him from the other side for fun.

At the party at the Cibeles Fountain, he mimicked the heater and gave fans a battle cry. Last but not least, Vinícius posted a picture on Sunday night where “Carletto” is actually wearing the young Brazilian’s stylish sunglasses on the same bus and breathing on a cigar.

The one who returned to Concha Espina in the summer of 2021 may not be the greatest tactics expert, but even in his second term, he shows what sets him apart and ultimately lets the professionals perform: his strength in leading a team, his closeness and his good relationship with the actors. He’s in it “the best”says even his top boss, President Florentino Pérez.

Coach of Real Madrid: If you win a title, you can stay

Most recently with the championship title, it should be clear that this collaboration will continue beyond the summer. As long as Zinedine Zidane does not swing the scepter, the coaching chair at Blancos is a draft seat. On the other hand, those who have significant success will stay. It’s an unwritten law in white ballet.

Incidentally, Ancelotti himself felt the effects of this as he was unable to claim a major title at the end of the 2015 season. A year after the phenomenal victory of the tenth Champions League triumph in Lisbon, he was already chased off the field. Thanks to the league title, incidentally the season’s second silverware after the Supercopa de España, he does not thrive this year. Who might become available in the coaching market. Keywords Mauricio Pochettino, who may be fired after the embarrassing knockout in first-class class against Real in Paris Saint-Germain.

Ancelotti wants to stay at Real Madrid ‘for a while’

The Argentine was considered a preferred candidate, especially in 2018, but did not get approval from Tottenham Hotspur at the time. Even as a free man, he would be denied this commitment for the time being because there is no significant reason to part with Ancelotti – not only because of the strong performance in LaLiga, but also in light of the already spectacular season in international business with the memorable knockout rounds against PSG (0-1, 3-1) and Chelsea (3-1, 2-3 aet).

He is the best when it comes to leading strong teams. He is doing very well, his experience is even greater. We were right in everything, including the squad planning. With everything. And Carlo Ancelotti is at the top, for us he is the best.Florentino Perez about Carlo Ancelotti

On the verge of the championship celebration, Pérez hinted that one of two goals had now been reached, the other was the cup with the handle. In the first years after Cristiano Ronaldo, however, the second semi-final participation in a row can be considered at least a partial success. Even more so this season with the top opponents being knocked out in the quarterfinals and quarterfinals. But maybe Real will still succeed in the Champions League, against Manchester City after a 3: 4 defeat from the first match of the decisive match in the Bernabéu, anything is still possible. If not, then Ancelotti is still sitting solidly in the saddle. But only for next year. The champion coach, contract until 2024, is already ready: “I want to stay a while.”

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Real Madrid: Carlo Ancelotti secures the league title

Carlo Ancelotti will secure another season as coach of Real Madrid when he wins the championship – regardless of the outcome of the Champions League semi-finals. The 62-year-old “wants to stay a while longer”.

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