Personal trainer recommends: strength training throughout the body with the sling trainer

Expert Tip: Personal trainer recommends: strength training throughout the body with the sling trainer

Monday, 05/02/2022, 11:04

Building muscle and burning fat does not mean you have to go to the gym and struggle with heavy dumbbells. Bodyweight training can also help you reach your fitness goals. With the sling trainer, you can specifically challenge all parts of your body – whether it’s your stomach, back, arms, buttocks or pelvic floor. In the exclusive FOCUS online shopping agreement, you save as much as 49 percent and pay only 29 euros instead of 59 euros.

Originally, sling training came from physiotherapy, but is now also long established in the fitness sector. And it’s not so strange: the sling training is as versatile as it is effective and is therefore not infrequently considered “Best full body workout ever” designated.

At first glance, the sling trainer with its loops and handles probably looks more like an apparatus that is particularly suitable for training the arm muscles. While that is of course entirely correct, there is much more behind the sails: An effective tool for the whole body, where you work exclusively with your own body weight and the belt system. Simply enter the discount code “SLING20” in the field in the shopping cart and the price will be reduced to 29 euros.

This is what personal trainer Dominic Feigl says about the sling trainer:

The sling trainer is a versatile training tool that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. It enables effective training of the whole body, which can be performed not only in your own four walls, but also outside. By using several muscle groups at the same time, you primarily strengthen the deep muscles. This helps you with coordination, strength and stability in everyday life.

It is undisputed that resistance training with the sling trainer can increase the overall health and fitness.

Good to know: You can easily attach the sailors anywhere and start training right away, both indoors and outdoors. All you need is a stable mounting option and enough space to be able to use the full range of exercises. Thanks to the more than 300 different exercises that you can do standing, lying down or in an inclined position, you will never get bored!

The benefits of the sling trainer in detail

  • Individually adjustable length
  • 29 euros instead of 59 euros
  • Coupon code “SLING30”
  • Free delivery
  • Improves your posture and prevents back pain
  • Incl. practical storage bag and installation instructions
  • Special function: free QR code for practical exercises with the home trainer
  • 49 percent reduced
  • Exercise effectively with your own body weight
  • Versatile: over 300 exercises for the whole body
  • Gentle on the joints
  • Lightweight, space-saving and easy to transport
  • Stable and safe thanks to high quality material
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals: The training intensity can be adjusted individually
  • Improves endurance, coordination, flexibility and strength
  • Fast training success

How do I train with Sling Trainer? Effective example exercises for the whole body

The basis of sling training is that some body parts float while others are on the ground. From this position you can then perform the various body weight exercises and we promise you – You will immediately notice the increased training intensity!

Below we show you a few examples of exercises that you can easily integrate into your next full body workout. It is best to do each of these (per side) 10 to 15 times in 3 sets.

Effective squats with the sling trainer

1. Hold the handles firmly with your hands.

2. Sit far back in a deep squat. One leg stays in the air. The back remains straight, the neck long.

3. Push yourself up again with your standing leg. The arms on the handles support you.

4. Change page.

Plank exercises with the sling trainer

Put your feet in the loops (about 30 inches from the ground).

2. The back remains straight, the neck long. Pull yourself forward with your forearms until your face is over your hands.

3. Pull the pelvis toward the ceiling until your back is perpendicular to the floor. As you exhale, lower your pelvis again.

How to do sidesquat with the sling trainer

1. Sit far back in a deep sidesquat. The arms become long. Your back and neck remain straight.

2. Get upstairs. The arms are brought to the body.

3. Change page.

In combination with jumping, the squats become even more effective

1. Hold the handles firmly with your hands.

2. Sit far back in a deep squat.

3. Push yourself off the ground and jump up. The back remains straight, the neck long. The arms on the handles support you.

4. When you land on the floor, squat deep again.

Exercise effectively even without heavy weights

We can quickly dispel your concern about whether training “only” with your body weight can really be effective. Due to the instability of the fluid positions during exercise, your body is extremely challenged because it has to compensate for imbalances. The entire core – ie the center of your body – is under constant tension and is exposed to significantly higher training stimuli than with normal body weight training. Even trained athletes quickly reach their limits here!

Another benefit of sling training is that the training involves entire muscle chains, not just isolated muscles, which improves intramuscular coordination. Not only large muscle groups are used, but also your deep muscles. This makes the training incredibly intense even in a short time.

In short, sling training is a highly effective whole body workout that uses your own body weight as training resistance to effectively build muscle and burn calories.

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