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Kyan Anderson (left) was the best Heidelberg points collector with 18 points. The playmaker could not change anything about the clear defeat in Berlin. Photo: Pix

By Jürgen Berger

Berlin / Heidelberg. When Berlin’s demonstration of power was finally over, Branislav Ignjatovic and Alba star Jaleen Smith met on the sidelines. The academics’ coach hugged his ex-player, who had played in Pro A for Heidelberg from 2017 to 2019. A brief conversation followed. After the 70: 110 victory for the newly promoted Bundesliga team in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, Ignjatovic felt a few words of comfort. On Sunday afternoon, his team did not have a chance in the duel with the champion, who brought in the ninth BBL victory in a row. Smith, the most valuable player last season, visibly held back against his former club. In the end, the American scored nine points in the strong Alba collective with three successful three-point shots. That was enough.

“Jaleen has had a fantastic career. He can be proud of himself,” Ignjatovic said. This also applies to the Akademiker coach, regardless of the clear bankruptcy of the albatrosses. The fans who had traveled with him had put up a poster for him with the inscription “Thank you Frenki” in the hall of the Ostbahnhof, which was filled with 5721 spectators, after the coach who went at the end of the round had already got an appropriate farewell from his own supporters in the SNP Dome during the home defeat against Bamberg on Friday was. “It was just overwhelming for me. I feel very honored,” Ignjatovic looked back. “The feelings are still there and will not disappear for the time being.” The sixth defeat in a row will not change that. She was still painful. This could be clearly seen in the 55-year-old. He was very much looking forward to Heidelberg’s first appearance at Alba and hoped that his team would be able to stand up to the title favorite “with a lot of passion and intensity for a long time”.

But nothing came of it. Only at the beginning of the second quarter did the Academics get hope with a score of 24:27 (12th minute), but then they were literally overwhelmed. In the third quarter, the Berliners, who are aiming for first place in the table after the main round, put the turbo. 36 points with seven threes demoralized the overwhelmed Heidelbergers – where promotion heroes Niklas Würzner, Jordan Geist, Albert Kuppe, Phillipp Heyden and Shyron Ely were allowed to form the starting lineup – finally. “The academics have relaxed and given up a bit,” Berlin’s Louis Olinde explained. On the Heidelberg side, playmaker Kyan Anderson in particular (18 points) tried to counteract this, even though the game was long lost. “If you keep giving a great team like Berlin a second and third chance to score, it will be very difficult. We did not do a good job with the rebound. It ultimately broke our neck,” the American analyzed, adding: “We tried to fight. But Rob Lowery’s exclusion and Kelvin Martin’s injury hit us hard.”

At the end of the round in Ludwigsburg on May 11, Lowery will be available again. Then Ignjatovic and his boys will say goodbye with a decent performance. “I don’t care about my personal stats. I still want to win,” said Anderson, who his coach certainly shares. “Frenki” said only about his own future in Berlin: “I’m back in the market after a long time. It’s an exciting time.” He has already had initial talks with those in charge of a Bundesliga team and a Pro-A team. And when looking for a successor to RNZ information, academics are already focusing on a candidate with whom one can reach agreement in the near future.

Shorthand: 11: 2 (3rd), 21: 9 (6th), 27:16 (1st quarter), 27:24 (12th), 41:26 (15th), 43:33 (17th), 51 .: 34 (halftime), 62:34 (23.), 82:43 (27.), 87:45 (3rd quarter), 93:48 (33.), 100: 64 (37.), 110: 70 (end result).

Berlin: Olinde 17 (3 Dreier), Zoosman 17 (4), Lammers 12, Blatt 12 (4), da Silva 12, Smith 9 (3), Thiemann 9, Mattisseck 8 (2), Lo 6 (2), Sikma 6, Koumaje 2.

Heidelberg: Anderson 18 (3), Ghost 9 (1), Kuppe 9 (1), Ugrai 7, Chapman 6 (1), Würzner 5, Ely 5 (1), Friederici 5 (1), Heyden 2, Osaghae 2, Watkins 2 , Diala.

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