Michael Jung and Chipmunk win their first CCI5 * -L with a world record –

The weekend was a triumph for Michael Jung and Chipmunk. In Kentucky, the two made their five-star debut together, their dressage result was Jung’s fourth victory at this tournament and, incidentally, they also set a world record.

With 20.1 minus points, which equates to almost 80 percent, Michael Jung and Chipmunk had already gotten off to an excellent start to the tournament. It is the second best result ever achieved in a four- or five-star event.

In the terrain, Michael Jung showed his class and Chipmunk was in top form. The two just played with the demands, which caused significantly more problems for other couples (more on the two injured horses later). So today they had two errors in the obstacles and a lead of several seconds in the final jump.

However, they did not use it. The chipmunk, which was brought into top sport by Jung’s Olympic champion Julia Krajewski, galloped happily to the finish line and to the victory. With 20.1 minus points. That’s less than any previous couple had in the seven CCI5 * -L exams in the world (including the one in Maryland that premiered last year). It was a lesson in good riding from start to finish.

Yasmin Ingham and her eleven-year-old Selle Francais gelding Banzai du Loir finished second in the first five-star test for riders and horses. They finished fourth after dressage with 28.1 minus points. There were a few time errors, but no obstacle errors, both off-road and on the track. Her final score of 31.7 minus points was easy enough for the second-best result.

Third place went to American Doug Payne with the eleven-year-old Holstein gelding Quantum Leap by. Quite Capitol, which had been ninth in Maryland last year. The two made a big comeback this weekend. They finished the dressage track in a place 25. But in terrain they were great with only 1.2 time penalties and worked their way up to a fifth place. In the process, they kept themselves free and then had to hope for the mistakes of others. They did them a favor so it was a very close third place (38.4)

Boyd Martin (USA), who was number two to date, and his Trakehner Tsetserleg cashed in two knockdowns and 1.2 time penalties, slipping to fourth place with a gap of just one-hundredth of a point (38.5). The third American rider in the top five, Bruce Davidson Jr. on Holsteiner Caresino son Carlevo, became number four. They also lost all the poles, but as close as the places were distributed after Michael Jung, 1.2 time penalty points meant fifth place, also only one hundredth of a point away (38.6).

All results can be found here.

Update on the two injured horses

There is good news from the organizers, given the circumstances, about the two horses that were injured in the field yesterday, the Fleeceworks Royal by Tamra Smith and the Emporium by Ashlynn Meuchel. The organizers say:

“Fleeceworks Royal, run by Tamra Smith, injured his left front leg during the cross-country part of the competition. The horse was transported to the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, where surgeons determined that the best course of treatment would be surgical stabilization of the left front leg. The operation was performed last night, and both the operation and the recovery were successful. The horse is currently in the clinic recovering.

Emporium, ridden by Ashlynn Meuchel, fell across yesterday and was taken to the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. The horse was better last night. The horse is currently in a comfortable condition at the clinic, and the doctors and Ashlynn are optimistic that he will recover fully. ”

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