LIGA asthenic: Bayern Munich make themselves incredible after a scandal against Mainz with a short trip to Ibiza

Dear football friends,

when FC Bayern are reviled for embarrassing performances in Mainz and Ibiza at the end of a long season, one can guess that this season can no longer be saved for the record champions. Mainz stands for sympathetic means and modesty, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ibiza is currently bubbling in the mediocrity of the Segunda Divisón. But right, that’s not the point here.

FC Bayern 2022, in the boat’s first year, already breaks the performance of the exclusive Spanish event gastronomy. The 1: 3 refusal to work at table ninth, including allegations of distortion of competition with subsequent Ibiza satisfaction, is seen holistically, that is, regarding the interests of the entire club, an image-damaging embarrassment.

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And the season, which started with many words of praise and high expectations, with the new club leaders, coach Julian Nagelsmann (sporty) and CEO Oliver Kahn (holistic), is in the light of the sporting progress in the cup competitions, the scratched. international reputation and the personal quarrels about superstar Robert who is willing to say goodbye to Lewandowski a lost season.

No amount of wheat beer and sangria showers in Munich and Ibiza can shoot over it.

FSV Mainz 05 beats FC Bayern

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FC Bayern: record championship already forgotten again

A championship is worth so little in Munich, especially the tenth European record in a row, that a week later no one is talking about it anymore. If there was a need for further evidence that the Bundesliga finally needed another club to win the championship, then that was how Bayern handled it (ergo: the championship).

So if the players had said we would like to party in Ibiza this weekend, there was no way they could have been released to fly in the middle of the season.

As a fan, you could at least have indulged in the dream that the championship would actually still mean something to them, that is, the players, so that would be a reason to celebrate. How naive!

Teambuilding without a captain: how to do it?

In fact, however, the Bayern management has declared the trip a “team-building measure”, which is about as credible as Bayern’s game in Mainz. As a reminder: 22 to 7 shots on goal for Mainz!

So much fuss about explanations leaves at least two questions unanswered: What sense does a “teambuilding” measure make without their captain Manuel Neuer, who is said not to have flown. And if it is true that Thomas Müller, who has the flu, is not there either, then the question also arises, which team should be formed here without the two highest ranking in the Bayern hierarchy and without newcomers in the summer yet to Bavaria?

Maybe Kimmich & Co. will drink their “Lewy” under the Pacha bar until they voluntarily expand it to Bavaria again. So, but only then, would this neoliberal Ibiza incentive actually have made sense.

Grocery Shower & Balearic Weekend

The Ibiza trip also explains a lot about the internal constitution of the current management of the Bavarian flagship club. When Felix Magath, after all the ex-Bayern coach who had to go after two doubles seasons, publicly declares that he would never have said yes to Ibiza, the question arises why Julian Nagelsmann did not interrupt it all after Mainz ‘”Córdoba” most recently Have?

Would he not or could he not? Did he not see a reason, or maybe he had none power of attorney to be able to ban such excesses for the players?

At least one thing can be said with certainty about the postmodern FC Bayern: In times of war and energy shortages, sustainability discussions and dreaded new famines in the world caused by Ukraine, Nagelsmann-Kahn-Bayern with food shower and weekend flights to the Balearic Islands seem like they are from the fallen time.

Thomas Müller (left) and Manuel Neuer – FC Bayern

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