Juicy price increase at McFit for members and new customers

The Corona rules are relaxed, the sun is shining more and more often – so it’s time to work on the summer figure. But McFit is ruining the mood of many a gym member – with a decent price increase.

McFit turns the price screw and increases membership prices. This applies to both existing members and new customers. Thus, according to its own statements, the gym chain is reacting to the effects of the corona pandemic on the economy. But not all members understand. Outraged reactions to McFit’s price hike are piling up on social media.

McFit announces price increase

As “fitness management” reports, McFit has informed its members via email about the price increase from April 1, 2022. The letter can now also be found on the fitness center’s support page. “We have been offering training at McFit on fair terms for 25 years and will continue to do so to help you achieve your sporting goals. However, the pandemic and its effects on the economy did not leave us unaffected. Our costs have risen steadily. many areas due to rising prices. Most fitness providers have therefore already adjusted their contributions. And further: “To continue to allow you to practice your favorite sport at McFit, we need to adjust the prices of our contract models. From 1 April 2022, our tariffs for new and existing customers will change. Contracts with a monthly contribution of up to EUR 19.90 (basis), both flex- and time-limited contracts, will be adjusted to EUR 24.90. “

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The members are outraged

With the price increase, McFit is not only met with understanding. Outraged, sometimes violent reactions pile up on social media. An angry McFit member writes in a post on the fitness chain’s “Facebook” channel: “Continued to collect contributions during the lockdown, did nothing about the outdated equipment and is now increasing the contribution …. A great cinema!”

On “Instagram” you can find the following comment from a user, for example: “Dear McFit, the price increase is really a strong piece. Especially now that all living costs are still exploding, you think that you should also increase your contributions. And that even after that a large part of the members supported you in the Corona crisis and continued to pay without pay. So that’s how you thank your customers? Very, very disappointing. “

Further comments on both platforms express similar disappointment. The way in which information on price increases has been provided is also the subject of criticism. ‘But it could have been communicated more transparently and above all earlier. Why at such short notice and without a simultaneous statement on social media? I understand that you have to adjust the prices, but it is directly 25 percent more and that out of the blue, “sums up a Facebook user.

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McFit responds to dissatisfaction

How does McFit react to the anger of its members? The fitness company’s social media team responds to the comments on social media, explains the pricing, and asks for your understanding. “We can understand your frustration. Unfortunately, not all members supported us as actively as you did. We are very grateful to you for that. However, the pandemic and its effects on the economy have not left us untouched,” he writes. McFit on “Facebook”.

Asked by FITBOOK, Pierre Geisensetter, Head of Communications at the RSG Group, explains: “The effects on all areas of the pandemic’s life, which have now been going on for more than two years, are affecting many people and businesses. the continuing decline in new contracts, the increase in redundancies and, in turn, the cost of running our systems, which are becoming increasingly expensive for us as a company, we also have to respond. ”

He continues: “Unfortunately, the general economic situation has changed rapidly in recent months. After more than ten years of keeping the prices of our contract models stable, we have had to adapt our contingent to the current economic situation in order to continue to enable fitness training for as many people as possible at a price that is still fair. At the same time, members get attractive extra benefits because with the adaptation they can train in over 300 gyms across Europe, use the fitness clubs from JOHN REED and the studios from Gold’s Gym, the most iconic fitness brand in the world. ”

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