Fortuna Dusseldorf – How Daniel Thjonen brought the F95 victory over time against 1. FC Heidenheim

Reasons for a 3: 1 victory in Heidenheim
How Thjonen brought the Fortuna victory over time this time

The first away win in Daniel Thione’s tenure in Fortuna – equivalent to staying in the league. After a few setbacks in recent weeks, the head coach had the right solution ready at an early stage. The most important tactical insights from the game in Heidenheim.

It was a quiet start and Fortuna carefully scanned the match against 1. FC Heidenheim. The respect for the hosts, after all number two on the home table in the 2. Bundesliga, could be felt. But as the game progressed, Fortuna took more and more control of the game. Jakub Piotrowski in particular made a positive impression, which was to be found everywhere and traveled many kilometers – 6.7 kilometers alone in the first half.

It was almost logical that Piotrowski scored the goal with a long shot from the second row (20 ‘). Incidentally, it was only the fourth long-range goal this season, three of which fell under Daniel Thjonen. Ex-coach Christian Preusser preferred a strong outing and rejected this method.

Fortuna got even more security with the goal, and at Heidenheim you could feel that the season was more or less over before kick-off. Maybe also a factor that Eternal coach Frank Schmidt was not on the bench because of his positive coronatest.

Heidenheim’s lack of concentration was also an expression of Kevin Müller’s goalkeeper error. The experienced goalkeeper let a long shot from Kristoffer Peterson chop away. Felix Klaus could dust off 0: 2 (33rd). The Fortunes will positively assess that Peterson dares these actions again. Overall, the performances of the two wingers Klaus and Peterson were above their season average. The lead at the break was more than deserved. Only Oliver Hüsing’s header shortly after the goal to 0-1 posed a real threat to goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier.

Only Fortuna fans probably have a bad feeling after a convincing performance and a 2-0 lead. All too often, most recently against Dresden, the Reds-Whites played a seemingly clear lead away. The fear also came true this time – but only almost.

Heidenheim had switched four times and switched to a back three with an offensive orientation. The Fortunes did not seem to have a remedy. Nicolas Gavory in particular seemed to be overwhelmed on his side again. Even in the 2-2 win against Dresden, the conceded goals fell over his side and Diawusie struck a knot in his legs.

Heidenheim’s connection came from the left side of Fortuna. In addition, the task in the defensive center was not right, and Kastenmeier had to reckon with a header. Because the flank slipped completely, the Düsseldorf goalkeeper looked bad. He is the least to blame in the goal for substitute Maurice Malone (47th).

Fortuna kept swimming and was unusually vulnerable in this phase with high balls in the middle. The absence of Jordy de Wijs was clearly noticeable here. It looked like the equalizer would come soon. A set piece brought Fortuna back into play: After a corner kick by Edgar Prib, Christoph Klarer headed into Heidenheim’s tight phase (56 ‘).

Certainly great for the lucky ones who traveled with those who really were not spoiled with successful corner kicks this season. In particular, the elaborate variants under Prussia were poorly remembered.

Even more important for stability was again the replacement of Tim Oberdorf and the switch to back three six minutes later. Fortuna was more stable again, had access in the duels and Gavory had another defender behind him. Thjonen had hesitated a little too long against Dresden, this time he reacted energetically.

Fortuna still had chances to increase the lead through Peterson and Rouwen Hennings. From then on, the game calmed down. Ao Tanaka, perhaps encouraged by his permanent signature from Fortuna during the week, also looked calm after entering. It only became difficult when Tim Kleindienst hit the post with his head five minutes before the end. But with their tactical changes, Thjonen managed to keep the construction going until the final whistle.

Here is the picture gallery: This is what the fortune says about the victory in Heidenheim

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