Feel-good time for two: Fit for Fun yoga mat in a double package at a special price

Special Mother’s Day gift: Feel-good time for two: Fit for Fun yoga mat in double package at a special price

Monday, 05/02/2022, 08:23

Mothers – They are always there for us, thinking about all our appointments, often putting their own needs aside and rarely giving themselves time to just relax and turn off completely. Wouldn’t it be nice if we just gave them some rest and relaxation instead of flowers or chocolates? With a yoga mat, you give a practical everyday helper for more self-care – with a second at the same time relaxing togetherness to recharge your batteries and relax together.

May 8 is Mother’s Day – the day when we can once again show our wonderful mothers how important they are to us and how grateful we are for everything they do for us every day.

But give flowers and chocolates away again? Too boring!

Surprise your mother this time with a very special gift. A mini-holiday in everyday life, with which she can at least a few moments release all stress and recharge her batteries. For is not that what would really do our mothers good?

Self-care has been shown to increase our physical and mental health, contribute to greater well-being and increase our energy levels. Yoga and meditation are very valuable practices on the road to more relaxation, tranquility and serenity.

If you share this experience as a couple, yoga practice is also a good way to strengthen your relationship. In addition to this mental aspect, you may also find a new hobby together for more togetherness in everyday life.

FIT FOR FUN yoga mat in detail

  • Yoga mat for the home, in the studio or in nature
  • Free delivery
  • Universally applicable: Yoga, Pilates, strength training, meditation and more
  • One for 34.90 euros, two for only 39.90 euros instead of 69.80 euros
  • Non-slip
  • Incl. carrying strap made of cotton: Easy to transport to the studio or when traveling
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Without latex, PVC or chlorides
  • Available in two colors
  • Also suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Size: 61 x 183 centimeters
  • Easy to clean
  • 4 millimeters thin: Especially space-saving, light and yet comfortable
  • Fitness and relaxation studio to-go

Safe training experience without risk of slipping

Whether it is on the mountain top, by the sea or in the living room: With a yoga mat you can easily roll out your own personal retreat with a few simple steps where you can relax or sweat. But anyone who has ever spent a minute or two in the “downturned dog” or “warrior” knows: A good grip is everything and everything here to really dedicate yourself to practice and really turn off. !

Non-slip safety is therefore the focus on the FIT FOR FUN yoga mat. The pillow gives you the ideal support in any position and the necessary safety to reduce the often underestimated risk of accidents. You can only really devote yourself to your training and do the exercises with full force, if you can also rely on your mat.

In harmony with yourself and the surroundings

Yoga means not only being in harmony with your own mind, but also with the environment that surrounds you. Mindfulness and self-care start with the little things: In order to devote yourself completely to relaxation, the whole environment and thus your own surface should be carefully selected.

The FIT FOR FUN yoga mat is made of environmentally friendly and ultralight TPE and contains no chlorides, latex or PVC. The included carrying strap is made of sturdy cotton. Durable, ecologically harmless and sustainable: In line with the yoga philosophy!

Who is the yoga mat suitable for?

Although it is often a yoga mat, the pillow is of course also ideal for Pilates or strength training as well as for sweaty HIIT workouts. Due to their slip resistance, dynamic exercises and dumbbells can be integrated into the training without hesitation. Even if you start sweating, the fitness mat can be easily wiped off and disinfected if necessary, so optimal hygiene is always guaranteed.

But not only that: with a size of 183 x 61 centimeters and its super low thickness of 4 millimeters, the mat has optimal dimensions for space-saving transport. Thanks to the adjustable loops, the carrying strap can be individually adjusted to the rolled mat so that it does not slip out and can follow you everywhere. So nothing stands in the way of training when you travel, in the park or in the gym – this training mat is always by your side to find more time for yourself!

The necessary cushioning and comfort is of course not neglected despite the thin 4 millimeters due to the modern TPE.