FC St. Pauli: Corona will be a super meltdown in the promotion race

For FC St. Pauli will be rock solid on the last meter of the season. The last few days are like a brown and white nightmare with endless bad news and brutal setbacks. The latest news of another nine positive corona cases on the team is a disaster, a mood-killer, a hope-destroyer for the fans and completes the brown and white meltdown in the promotion race.

The situation in Kiezklub is dramatically two games before the end of the season. State of emergency. Now of all time, in this already difficult to hopeless situation in the battle for promotion, there is the first big wave of corona on the team after just over two years with the pandemic. She hits the club with full force. The timing is diabolical.

FC St. Pauli: Nine Corona cases before the match against Schalke

“Of course, this outburst comes at an absolutely bad time so shortly before the season finale,” says sports director Andreas Bornemann. “It shows once again that despite all precautions, the virus continues to pose a major risk.” For health. To the last attack on the promotion sites.

Those who like horror series are currently being served new episodes every day at St. Pauli. The chronology of the last few days ‘horror: the Burgstaller injury before the very important match against Nuremberg together with the mole’s advance notice, the positive corona test and Philipp Ziereiss’ absence on match day, the devastating last minute draw at Millerntor, cancellation of Saturday’s training after several positive rapid tests and a few hours later HSV overtaking in the table, and Sunday the wave of positive PCR tests.

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You have to put all that away first. Not just the failures. Also the shock, the frustration, the desperation that could ruin even the last faint hope. Can the team again ward off the premature emotional knockout in the promotion battle?

St. Pauli training canceled this weekend due to Corona

The show must go on. In some way. The next training session of Kiezkicker on Kollaustraße is scheduled for today. The start of the preparation for the away match at Schalke 04 will be a very clear event on the field – but with a knowledge gain. The club, which on Sunday afternoon officially announced that nine players and a member of the team environment are positive after extensive PCR testing and are in quarantine, has not mentioned any names. The training will show who is missing.

With Philipp Ziereis, who tested positive on Friday before the home game against Nuremberg (1-1), there are ten players who are in isolation and who, according to the Corona rules that still apply, must also remain isolated for ten days , but at least seven days. It is still unclear to what extent a possible implementation of the quarantine reduction that politicians have planned for five days this week will be relevant or useful for St. Pauli. “FC St. Pauli does everything to ensure that the match can take place in Gelsenkirchen and that we have a competitive team,” Bornemann emphasized. The priority is the recovery of all those affected.

DFL: St. Pauli will now play against Schalke

From now on, St. Pauli according to DFLs rules of the game play. A club can only request a transfer if there are less than 15 players available, including at least nine professional players and at least one goalkeeper. The remaining team seats can be taken by amateurs who are eligible to play on the licensed team. Injured or suspended players are considered “available” in this Corona procedure.

In the case of St. Pauli’s 29 – man squad means that if there are ten corona cases, there are enough players to compete. Unless all three of the ten professionals tested positive are goalkeepers. Further positive cases in the next few days can also not be ruled out. A move of the game on the penultimate day of play would hardly be possible in time.

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