Djokovic “shaken” – Zverev sends wishes to the tennis legend

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Boris Becker was sentenced to prison. His ex Lilly and daughter Anna were shocked by the verdict. Alexander Zverev also responds.

  • Boris Becker to go to prison: German tennis legend convicted.
  • Lilly Becker is shocked: Boris Becker’s ex-wife spoke in public.
  • Tennis star Alexander Zverev sends wishes to Becker.
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Update from May 1 at 19:21: Novak Djokovic, the current leader in the world tennis rankings, has expressed his dismay at the prison sentence against his former coach Boris Becker. He was “shocked”, the Serb told reporters in Madrid on Sunday. Becker was Djokovic’s coach for about three years between 2013 and 2016.

The 34-year-old said he did not want to comment on the verdict, but stressed: “It broke my heart. He is a long time friend, he was my coach for three years, he is a close to me and who has contributed a lot to my success. ” Djokovic said he hopes Becker survives the prison sentence “without consequences for his mental health and can move on. With life again.”

Boris Becker was Novak Djokovic’s coach for about three years. (Archive image) © Darren England / dpa

Boris Becker to go to prison: Alexander Zverev sends wishes to tennis legend

Update from May 1 at 08:09: Boris Becker is going to jail. The German tennis legend received some encouragement after his verdict. “I’m sorry for Boris,” former football coach Reiner Calmund told Bild. “Boris survived the toughest fights. I wish him the best this time too. “The German Tennis Federation (DTB) wants to continue to stand by the three-time Wimbledon winner:” We take note of the verdict with respect and regret and wish him all the best for near future. “said the association’s chairman Dietloff von Arnim on Friday in Munich.” We stand by his side. “

Becker had previously been sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a London court for several bankruptcy crimes. The 54-year-old must serve half of that before he can be allowed to spend the rest on parole, Southwark Crown Court Judge Deborah Taylor ruled. Becker was immediately remanded in custody Friday. He now has 28 days to appeal the verdict.

Boris Becker: Reactions to the verdict

We have summarized further reactions from Germany:

  • “Boris Becker was everyone’s idol. Whether you knew anything about tennis or not, you did it. He was literally lifted up into the sky – and now fell to infinity.” – Fashion designer Harald Glööckler in “Bildet”.
  • “Boris Becker has been an integral part of the German tennis family for decades. His merits are and will remain unique. ” – DTB President Dietloff von Arnim.
  • “He transformed tennis Germany into tennis Germany with his performance.” – tennis player Oscar Otte
  • “Boris was and is very important for German tennis. It is sad to hear. I wish him the best.” – Tennis player Alexander Zverev to “t-online”.
  • “Right and consistent under the rule of law. A tragedy in the form of sports history.” – Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Finance Danyal Bayaz (Greens)
Two of the most important names in German tennis: Alexander Zverev (left) and Boris Becker - a picture from 2020.
Two of the most important names in German tennis: Alexander Zverev (left) and Boris Becker – a picture from 2020. © AAP / Imago

“He Killed Nobody”: Lilly Becker shocked at punishment for Boris

First report from 30 April at 12:12: London – The sentence for the triple Wimbledon winner had become clear, and yet the announcement of the verdict on Friday afternoon by the responsible judge in London shocked large parts of the Federal Republic: Boris Becker is going to jail. The 54-year-old was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for several offenses in connection with his bankruptcy proceedings. The former tennis star must serve at least half of those behind bars before he can be released on parole. Although Becker still has the opportunity to appeal the verdict, he has already been remanded in custody by the British judiciary.

Boris Becker outside Southwark Crown Court in London.
Boris Becker has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison at Southwark Crown Court in London. © Frank Augstein / dpa

Boris Becker: Wife Lilly Becker shocked by jail sentence

In addition to fans and supporters of the six-time Grand Slam champion, several companions of Becker also spoke after the verdict. Among them Lilly Becker, whom the 54-year-old has been married to since 2009. Lilly Becker, who has lived separately from Boris Becker since the couple separated in 2018, was surprised by the sharpness of the verdict in an interview with the RTL format “Exclusive Weekend” .

“He killed no one,” the 45-year-old said, referring to the verdict. However, the former tennis star’s mixed family would continue to have his full support. “It’s important that every person knows that we, Amadeus, Noah, Elias, Barbara, his girlfriend Liliana, we are all behind Boris,” Lilly Becker continued.

Boris and Lilly Becker are recording a TV show in 2017.
Lilly Becker (here recording a TV show in 2017) was shocked by Boris Becker’s prison sentence. © Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

Prison sentence for Boris Becker: daughter Anna Ermakova – “I am really in shock”

Boris Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova, who came from a brief relationship with Angela Ermakova, was visibly shocked by her father’s prison sentence. “I’m really shocked that my father has been sentenced to two years and six months,” the 22-year-old said. picture. “I helped as best I could. I have written a letter to the court to express my concern for my little half-brother, Amadeus. After all, he is only twelve and must now do without a father figure, which he will be missing in a difficult phase of his development. It’s not fair to him. It’s going to be tough for Amadeus, “Ermakowa continued.

But like her half-brother’s mother, Anna Ermakowa continues to support Boris Becker and wants to support her father even in his most difficult times. Among other things, she will visit him in prison as often as she can and thus help him get through time.

Following his bankruptcy in 2017, Boris Becker must have transferred even larger sums of money and failed to meet his information obligations in other areas. The 54-year-old would be found guilty of four out of 24 charges. (fd)

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