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Darmstadt 98 jumps to second place after beating Aue 6-0. Even former goal scorer Serdar Dursun gets excited. The man with the bucket hat Braydon Manu shows how unpredictable and special the lilies are at the moment.

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Highlights: Darmstadt – Aue


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Darmstadt’s coach Torsten Lieberknecht had planned his team’s fireworks on the pitch against Erzgebirge Aue, he was not responsible for them from the outside. After the 6-0 victory, rockets were fired behind the fan stands. “I was also surprised that there were suddenly fireworks,” the coach said on the ARD microphone. “People are happy, but everyone knows we still have a difficult journey ahead of us and the next stop is Düsseldorf.”

The euphoria at Böllenfalltor seems unstoppable after the lilies jumped to second place in the table two games before the end. In any case, the team writes, as the injured midfielder Fabian Schnellhardt aptly said on Sky, “special stories throughout the season, Braydons is one of them.”

The script special has cheered

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Interview with Lieberknecht: “We still have a difficult journey ahead of us”

Coach Torsten Lieberknecht after the victory against Aue.

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That meant Braydon Manu, who delivered an excellent game. After his goal to 3-0, he ran to the bench and was handed a fishing hat from the Lilien row. The offensive man celebrated with his colleagues on the pitch and later gave the headgear away to the fans. Background: After the match in St. Pauli wore as a suspended player still a girlfriend hat and was therefore confused by the stewards with a speedster. Tobias Kempe had to intervene: “No, it’s one of our players, even though he does not look like it.”

Manu stands for the special breadth of the squad: Darmstadt can now switch to the offensive wing without a drop in performance. Marvin Mehlem, who became a father days before the match, still shone in St. Pauli. But against Aue he was initially on the bench, just like Mathias Honsak, who scored the winning goal in Dresden and scored to make it 5-0 against Aue.

Skarke and Pfeiffer deliver unimpressed

And then there was Tim Skarke, who tied a hoop on Saturday night. Skarke’s future is still unclear, but while the open contract negotiations in, for example, St. Pauli causes disturbance, the lilies play unimpressed.

Striker Luca Pfeiffer also does not know if he will still play at Böllenfalltor next season. But that did not stop him from making it 1-0, scoring the fifth goal with great collegiality and paving the way for a brilliant victory with his pressure ahead. “The boys got off to a good start, we gave Auern a lot of stress. We knew they were trying to find a lot of playful solutions. That’s how we built up a lot of power,” Lieberknecht praised.

Goodbye Dursun does not exclude return

In this way, his team shot the 3-0 lead within three minutes (16-19) against a completely overwhelmed Auer guard. Lily’s plan to dupe the opponent with “power and will” worked just as well as the interventions from the bench this season. Honsak’s goal was the tenth of a Lilien joker – this places the team at the top of the league, as does the number of goals scored (67).

The terrific performance behind the departures this summer became clear around the match: Darmstadt made up for the official farewell to striker Serdar Dursun. As a reminder, he had won the top scorer in the second division last season and then migrated to Istanbul for Fenerbahce. On Saturday, Dursun bet on TV that Lilien would move up directly and would not even rule out a return: “Darmstadt is home. And I have never played in the Bundesliga.”

It now speaks for the lilies

But there are still 180 intensive minutes waiting for the Darmstadt team to play in the Bundesliga. Next Friday we go to Düsseldorf, followed by Paderborn. The first opponent has not been defeated since coach Daniel Thjonen took over, the second is the best away team in the league.

But the advantages of the lilies outweigh them: They do not have as much pressure in the promotion race compared to Schalke, Bremen or HSV. In principle, nothing matters to their opponents. And: Darmstadt has the better goal difference than Bremen – it can be a crucial point in the end. Coach Lieberknecht calmed the euphoria a bit on Saturday night, but announced: “We are sending a team that, like against Aue, shows the desire to fulfill a very big dream.”

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