Corona costs Germeringer TSV UG more than a thousand members – Fürstenfeldbruck

Corona has made its mark on sports clubs. They lost a lot of members after several lockdowns and restrictions. This was also the case with TSV Unterpfaffenhofen-Germering (TSV UG). But by far the district’s largest sports club has always been a special case. This is also the case in pandemic times – at least financially. Treasurer Werner Fritzen can report a profit of 300,000 euros for the pandemic year 2021 at the association’s general meeting, even though TSV UG has lost more than a thousand members. The association is now officially led by Walter Müller, the former CEO of VR-Banken in the district.

The profit of EUR 300,000 came because Corona more than halved the expenditure of EUR 428,000 compared to normal times, but not the revenue. The loss of 1,088 members, from 5,692 to 4,604 club members per. On 31 December, TSV UG cost almost 100,000 euros in contributions, which, however, remained the main source of income in 2021 with 533,000 euros. With grants of all kinds, including the corona-related doubling of the state’s club grant to 70,000 euros – and other income, there was finally 728,000 euros in the club coffers in 2021. For Fritzen, who is now 72, his last report as first treasurer is yet a highlight. The former fistball player, who has been the club’s chief financial officer for 50 years, has always been able to report good numbers, but this time they are even “historic”.

Werner Fritzen, the outgoing first treasurer of TSV Unterpfaffenhofen.

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According to Fritzen, the “cash liquidity” of the 90-year-old sports club has risen to 824,100 euros. This year, however, TSV UG is using almost all of this € 300,000 surplus to replace water and pipes in its 30-year-old sports center. If the budget plan he presented for this year proves to be correct, he expects a loss of 351,000 euros, so that the cash liquidity would be reduced to 473,000 euros. But the cashier Fritzen, who was awarded the gold medal by the club and who is retiring as second treasurer, has estimated the expected revenue quite conservatively.

The association offers its members, 80 percent of whom come from Germering, according to Willi Braun, technical chief of the board, for a relatively modest contribution, a comprehensive range of sports. For 212 euros a year, adults can practice any sport in the twelve departments, from gymnastics, fist ball, bowling, badminton, volleyball to table tennis, skiing and dancing. The gym, which is open daily, is also included in the club’s “gold card”. Gymnastics and fitness are the pillars of the association in terms of members. For decades, TSV UG has had a high level of commitment from its volunteers. 250 coaches support the association. There is no full-time CEO or full-time lecturer at TSV UG. Unusual for a club of this size, but saves a lot of money. The club does not offer expensive team sports such as football, handball or basketball. Exclusive competitive sports are only an exception. The new club president, Walter Müller, 67, who was unanimously elected by the 87 voters, was originally appointed acting president in July 2020 during the pandemic period.

Müller gave the sports employee in the Germeringer City Council, Christian Gruber (SPD) and the third mayor Sophie Schuhmacher (The Greens), along the way that they drive economically very cheaply with TSV UG and their own sports facilities. “For the city’s treasury, we are a cheap service provider for sports,” Müller argued. Knowing that the two neighboring clubs SC Unterpfaffenhofen-Germering and SV Germering regularly need million-dollar investments in their municipal facilities. “Our house is the home of the athletes in solidarity,” added Willi Kaiser, former second chairman and now first treasurer. “It’s an ideal world for all members.” Wilhelm Embacher, head of the gymnastics department, was elected as Kaiser’s successor as second chairman. Willi Braun was confirmed in office, as was Secretary Sabrina Gläß.

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