Commentary on the season for BG Göttingen in the Basketball Bundesliga

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Comment on the BG season: Learn from the mistakes – and do better next year

Göttingen.This is how it can be in the sport: If before the season they had told the managers in BG Göttingen that the team would end up in a 9th or 10th place, they would probably have signed immediately. Now, a good six months, 16 wins and 17 defeats later, things look very different. Now you’re suddenly annoyed by the placement – and that’s more than understandable.

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BG’s chances of reaching the playoffs have not been that great for a long time. The last couple of matches in recent years have mostly been about not being relegated. It was no longer an issue relatively early in this season. Instead, the team, those in charge and the fans were more and more confident in the first eight places.

This shows: BG had a strong season, delivered exciting matches and despite many corona restrictions, the fans in the S-Arena excited – and they deserved respect and recognition for that. It was not for nothing that the Violets were in a playoff spot most of the time. But that is only one side of the coin.

BG Göttingen missed Kamar Baldwin in the decisive phase

On the other hand, BG did not have the capacity, but neither did the absolute will to get the long-awaited place in the playoffs in the decisive phase of the season. And it has several reasons.

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Most important is definitely top scorer Kamar Baldwin’s injury-related retirement at the end of March in the home game against Würzburg. For despite a strong subsequent signature, it was the American who often made the difference with the violets. Of the eight matches since his departure, BG won only two. It can not be a coincidence.

And then there is the winning mentality, which not only BG coach Roel Moors missed with his players in the decisive phase of the season. The Violets conceded five defeats in the end – and each match was close and was lost by a maximum difference of six points. The players’ nerves failed too often here, they lacked the unconditional will in the crucial moments.

The violets can still take a lot with them from the season

But that may have been the cause in the end. It is clear that BG Göttingen can take a lot with them from this season. For example, that they show exciting basketball and, if all goes well, can play their way to the playoffs. Or that they are able to put together a powerful squad with few built-in resources that can even annoy the top teams in the league on a regular basis.

As the saying goes: You learn from mistakes – and that is the conclusion to be drawn from this season with its ups and downs. In the end, it might not have been enough to reach the playoffs. But should BG get into a similar season next season, then they will be prepared for what is to come – and will certainly not let this chance go away again.

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Will BG coach Roel Moors be in Göttingen?

Until then, it is important to bring the season to a sensible end, give the players who are to leave the club an appropriate goodbye and concentrate and focus on building a strong team for next season. One question becomes crucial: Will coach Roel Moors stay with the violins – or will he leave the club after the expiry of his two-year contract?

Negotiations in the background are already underway. For BG, who have always gone for continuity, it would be best if the Belgian continued his commitment. In any case, the negotiations will not fail because of the motivation of the Moors. For the coach still has an open account with the violets after this bitter end to the season.

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