Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart: sexism debate about trade fair stalls – Stuttgart

Rough representations frame the can box rack. Photo: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko

The scenes at the spring festival in Bad Cannstatt have come into focus. They are sexist and discriminatory, not only the Greens say in the municipal council and call for immediate removal.

The agenda of the International Committee had already reached the point “Miscellaneous”, as the discussion became extremely lively despite the late timing. Maria Tramountani, a knowledgeable member of the panel, had come forward and complained about “sexist depictions at the spring party”. Among other things, one can see “naked women and orientalized women” at the showmen’s stands. As far as you know, this has been banned since 2020.

Clichéd depictions

Green City Councilor Jitka Sklenářová was already aware of the complaint. “We approached the Department of Individual Gender Equality and asked them to discuss the issue with the mayor of finance, Thomas Fuhrmann, and with in.Stuttgart.” had been taken in relation to the historic folk festival. In this case, management has to reposition itself. ”

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Among other things, the background for a Bavarian beer barn had attracted attention. It shows a window scene in a naively eerie, rude depiction as well as a voyeur who welcomes a ungulate tearing a woman’s clothes off her body. There is also a critical look at fronts where the landscape painters show a blonde in a provocative pose or, for example, a woman portrayed as an erotic Arab dancer who woo customers with bare breasts.

CDU City Councilor Ioannis Sakkaros did not want to see the portrayal of a belly dancer demonized as an “orientalized woman” at the meeting of the international committee. “Belly dancing has a certain culture. So to complain that an oriental dancer is shown bare middle riff, I think is overkill. ” However, the character’s chest is barely covered.

applied for a ban

Despite the still excellent positioning of in.Stuttgart, the Greens have meanwhile applied for “immediate removal of all discriminatory images on the stands of the Stuttgart Spring Festival”. The proposal will set in motion a discussion on whether we should still find ourselves in aged scenery, which was already against the good taste in the 1960s.

City Hall is currently considering how to process the application from the Greens: Either it is processed in the municipal council’s financial committee and a decision is made there, or the city administration comments on the application in writing, says a city press. spokesman Monday.

The last time there was a discussion about sexist, derogatory motives in Stuttgart was in 2020, when it was discussed in the municipal council committee. The originators of the complaint were also the Greens, who demanded that advertising should no longer have a place in urban areas if it was aimed at people because of their gender, faith, political attitude, age, disability, origin, language, discriminated against of racist attributions or because they belong to a professional group.

After several meetings and consultation with external experts, including a representative of the advertising industry, it was agreed to hold focus meetings of the Committee on Urban Development and Technology and to draw up a list of criteria. In the long run, an ad monitoring group is planned, which will use defined criteria to assess whether certain ads are discriminatory and should therefore be banned.

At the time, the controversy was triggered by advertising posters for a reality show, a dating series from a private television station. The protest was later expanded to include poster ads for dating portals and a gym.

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