Big Germany – Your children: Obese Louis loves fast food and gambling – “I’m allergic to greens!”


Obese Louis loves fast food and gambling: “I’m allergic to greens!”

By Nico Zeissler

Mainz – Germany is getting fatter. It shows not only the statistics, but also the new RTLZWEI program “Dickes Deutschland – Dein Kinder”. Our offspring are also increasingly struggling with obesity, some of which are dramatic.

Louis (10) already weighs 1.47 kg and is 1.47 kg tall. © RTLTWEI

Two million children in Germany are overweight, 800,000 of them are morbidly obese: These are alarming numbers that are constantly rising.

The dangerous combination of unhealthy diet and lack of exercise makes it difficult for those affected to get away from their problem.

This also includes Louis (10) from Mainz. The 1.47 meter tall student weighs almost 80 kilos.

Barbara Schöneberger: Dismissal!  Barbara Schöneberger is NOT served in the Dresden restaurant!
Barbara Schoeneberger
removal! Barbara Schöneberger is NOT served in the Dresden restaurant!

The root of the problem is quickly found: His mother Regina (40), who suffers from diabetes, has stuffed the fridge with cola, cocoa, milk slices, chocolate puddings, sausage and cheese. Eight bars of chocolate, mini cakes, chocolate bars, biscuits and peanut cream are waiting to be eaten in the closet.

At your own request, the ten-year-old puff pastry is filled with banana and children’s chocolate for breakfast. A calorie bomb to start the day with. Especially since it’s already clear: Louis’ feeling of satiety from white flour and sugar does not last long. It would make more sense to eat foods high in fiber such as vegetables, legumes or whole grains.

There’s a particular difficulty when it comes to vegetables: “If I only make broccoli, he says, ‘I can not eat that, I’m allergic to vegetables!'” Her son says, “I do not like vegetables, I eat only potatoes. ” But his mother is also to blame if she lets him get away with it over and over again.

Thick Germany – Your children: Bullying can lead to eating out of frustration

Grandma Hannelore (64) feeds Louis whenever he wants.

Grandma Hannelore (64) feeds Louis whenever he wants. © RTLTWEI

Psychologist Susann Szyskza knows: “Regina is not consistent with Louis. Parents have a huge impact on their children!”

Unfortunately, Regina also does not seem to know much about nutrition. “To me, unhealthy food is the wrapped thing. But when everything is freshly prepared at home, there can be nothing unhealthy.”

At school, it is not only Louis’ weight that is a target for bullying, but also the color of his skin. “Then they say, ‘Hey, you stupid gypsy,’ and so on,” says the boy, who first gained a lot of weight when he started school. The bullying can also be a cause of his overeating.

First Dates: First Dates: When he hears how old she is, he starts thinking
first date
First dates: When he hears how old she is, he starts thinking

Because of his sleep disorder – according to his own statements, he only falls asleep around 3 or 4 at night – he watches ASMR videos where people film themselves while eating. The chewing and slapping sounds have a relaxing effect on him.

“It’s a pleasure for Louis because he likes to eat a lot and overeat,” says Szyskza. That way, he can compensate for his own feeling of hunger.

He can always hope for a hot meal from his foster grandmother Hannelore (64). He often lies to her when she asks if he has already eaten. He regularly dusts off double rations that his mother does not know about. An agreement between Regina and Hannelore would be important.

This time there are lattice potatoes and schnitzel with cream sauce. Lots of calories again and no vegetables to look far around.

Thick Germany – your children: “We have never had a ten-year-old with such high values!”

Gym manager Dominik Borras (39, left) is shocked by Louis' values.

Gym manager Dominik Borras (39, left) is shocked by Louis’ values. © RTLTWEI

In addition to the disastrous diet, Louis lacks exercise. He often plays five hours a day on xBox.

Sami can at least persuade him to ride a bike. But the joy is short-lived because Louis can barely keep his balance. Frustrated, friends go to a diner.

The overweight student orders a cheeseburger, chicken wings, nuggets, mozzarella sticks and a sprite – just for himself! “It’s really cool to eat here. It’s in the seventh heaven.”

Mama Regina then drags her son to the body control. It shows that Louis with his 79 kilos is almost twice as heavy as usual. “The dangerous body fat needs to be reduced, it needs to be reduced quickly,” alerted gym manager Dominik Borras, 39, of the mother-son team: “We’ve never had a ten-year-old with such high values.”

Tears fall in Regina’s case: “It makes me sad because it’s so dangerous. I was not really aware of that.”

The fitness trainer recommends a weight loss regimen to reduce the weight quickly and only later get into the gym. This is later approved by the health insurance. And Regina also forbids the snack bar from continuing to provide food for Louis.

You can watch the first episode “Big Germany – Your Children” with other affected people on demand at RTL +. RTLZWEI broadcasts a new one next Thursday (April 7 at 8:15 p.m.).

Cover photo: Mounting: RTLZWEI

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