15 minutes of yoga in the morning – that’s good!

It’s been a year since I made a habit I would never have dared to do before: I do 15 minutes of yoga every morning as soon as I get up. And I think it’s amazing! Here are 6 good reasons why you should too.

Admittedly, the first few weeks were tough. There’s the damn moment in bed where you think you could sleep an extra 20 minutes if today – only today, really! – would skip the exercise.

You have to overcome it first. Interestingly, the revealing voice in your head becomes calmer and quieter as the weeks go by, and eventually you just get up when the alarm goes off without even thinking that you might as well skip yoga. Then:

Cause 1: Yoga in the morning is sooo good!

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s really true: Yoga makes you healthy, happy and cheerful. I have fewer headaches, I’m rarely tense, I’m less sick – and I’m already done my first workout before breakfast. Never get a bad conscience again when I go straight from the editorial office to the couch in the evening! Yay!

Is it just me? I have spoken with yoga teacher Bärbel Miessner, who shows many short yoga units on his YouTube channel “Yogamour”, which are good to practice at home. I love getting on the mat with her videos every morning.

Bärbel Miessner is a yoga teacher and has been running the popular video podcast YOGAMOUR since 2010.

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She says: “With regular practice, a spiral of positive thoughts develops. You just want more. Most people who practice yoga regularly think at one point: What about the things I eat and question their diet. Can I move me differently in everyday life? Do I need more sleep? You become more creative and start to be interested in other things, in the qualities you have, you get inspired. You feel like life, nature, friends. “

Reason 2: 15 minutes of yoga always works!

We all constantly complain that we do not have time, but with his videos, Bärbel Miessner deprives us of the opportunity to find excuses. They usually last between 15 and 25 minutes. “They’s meant to help you develop a short personal routine. If you start right away with 60 minutes, it’s way too complicated.

You have to calculate so much time that you would rather not do it. But there is always time for a neighborhood. If you then figure out how many quarters of a day they spend on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – it’s much more than a Yogamour episode. Only that it is absolutely not durable for body and mind.

I think you have to have a quarter of an hour a day for yourself, otherwise you get sick. If you can not take the time, it’s too late. “(Bärbel Miessner)

Reason 3: 15 minutes of yoga is enough!

I simply plan these 15 minutes for myself as I set my alarm clock in the evening, and then prepare it all in such a way that all I have to do in the morning is fall on the mat. And unlike other workouts, 15 minutes is all you need to wake up, loosen up and tone your entire body.

This is due to the special breathing in yoga, Bärbel explains to me. “The core of yoga asana practice is the breath. I keep talking about Ujjayī spirit. Of Ujjayī -Breathing is a technique that prolongs breathing. You breathe deeper and slower. And this deep, long breathing combined with these movements naturally warms you up. “

Of course, do not expect fitness miracles from 15 minutes a day: “You get neither biceps nor six-pack if you only train a quarter of an hour a day. But I think if the muscles move regularly, it’s good for them. “And I even think it’s more sustainable if it’s less intense and more regular because it’s just the gentler method.”

Reason 4: You benefit from it all day long

We also owe it to our breathing, Bärbel explains to me when I tell her that I rarely feel tense after work and that I feel good all day long. “It has something to do with this technique. It’s a core breath that happens deep inside. […]If you really practice it properly every day for a quarter of an hour, then you transfer what you take part of it with into everyday life. It may be that you – completely without noticing it – breathe calmer, deeper and more evenly at your desk and relax as a result. “

And that’s not all! “From a purely physiological point of view, breathing is something that happens automatically. It regulates the autonomic nervous system. We get breathed. You do not think when you sit at your desk:” Now I have to breathe, now I have to breathe out ‘, but it will be done for you. And if you are tense, your breathing will definitely get lower, shorter. If you are excited, it will go faster. If you are relaxed, it will almost certainly be In yoga we have the opportunity to perceive the breath as a very powerful tool and say: I am now breathing in Ujjayī -Breathe and it goes deep and evenly. How to outsmart the nervous system. You say, ‘I breathe deeply and evenly, so please slow down.’ You can easily grab the tool from your toolbox, which you always have with you without having to carry it. Just take it when you need it, breathe deeply and evenly. “

Cause 5: Yoga addresses the whole body

What quickly becomes clear when practicing with Bärbel Miessner’s videos: They follow a specific pattern and almost always contain a dynamic sun salutation that awakens the body, forward and backward bends, twists, inversions, the final relaxation Shavasana and a meditation. Why? So it feels around and the whole body is being addressed, she explains to me.

This is due to the so-called fascia, the connective tissue coverage of our muscles, which is stretched intensively during yoga: the fascia on the front with the back bends, the back of the body with the forward bends, the sides with the twist. and the deep fascia over the breath. “And then you have the best workout – if you want to call it ‘training’ – that you can get. You do not get it from running, not swimming and not Pilates either,” says Bärbel Miessner.

Cause 6: Yoga never gets boring!

Although the yoga sequences are always the same after a few weeks – they are still different every day. The exercises always feel different depending on how you feel, your body condition and how comfortable and fit you are at the moment. You learn to listen to your body and to practice what is good for you that day. Depending on how I feel, I sometimes train easy exercises, sometimes difficult, sometimes dynamic Vinyasa FlowExercises, sometimes kept passive Yin yoga-Exercises. Sometimes I also use other exercise programs, practice with “Yoga Everyday” by Ursula Karven or “Yoga macht Fröhlich” by Susanne Fröhlich. Always the way I feel right now.

This mindfulness in yoga is very worthwhile. If a yoga teacher can teach you this – pay attention to yourself and listen to how your body works – it’s a wonderful way to train self-love and acceptance of how to function and how to “And then it’s important to accept it and smile a little bit of it. Do not always take everything so seriously. Just drop it – on all levels!”

And this applies not only to the yoga practice itself, but also around it. “If someone says to me: Yoga is my sport, I do 90 minutes of yoga every day and the rest of the time I’m in the office, then I think it’s wrong. Because I think yoga asanas are a wonderful addition “Everything else you can do with his body, his mind. It’s also important to be outside, to move around, to go for a walk.”

BONUS Reason: You like to do something good for yourself

So why stop doing yoga when you are already doing something good for yourself. Here, too, Bärbel Miessner and I agree: going for walks is also a must. “I really try to do it for half an hour every day and be aware of it with a peripheral view.

So I do not just stare at the road in front of me and dwell on my thoughts, but I try to be aware, as in yoga practice and meditation, to see myself out in nature, to see what is around me, how it smells, how to see it out, how does it feel? It’s incredibly good. Other than that: looking into the green is still good. Green is the color of the heart, the heart chakra. It just makes you happy, whether you want to or not. If you look into the green, you’re fine. “

With this in mind, I wish you great pleasure in doing something good for yourself more often from now on, and I say: Namasté!

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