Werder Bremen: rise in danger! Will Ole Werner experience his second keel?

Bremen – The opponent and the result – after the 2: 3 home shock from his SV Werder Bremen against Holstein Kiel, Ole Werner almost inevitably had thoughts about last season. For with his ex-club Kiel, he missed two match points for direct promotion to the Bundesliga through a 2: 3 defeat against teams from the middle of the table (Karlsruhe and Darmstadt).

Failed relegation OleWerner then with his team in the first division club 1. FC Köln. With Werder Bremen he is now threatened with a similar fate, but Werner is not the only one who opposes these comparisons – for understandable reasons. Nevertheless, after his hitherto strong performance in Bremen, the coach must prove that he can take the final, decisive step with a team.

“These are two completely different situations. At the time, Ole’s team was quarantined twice, so it was a lot about fitness with the many matches in a short time. This story has no relevance to me, ”emphasizes Clemens Fritz als Werder Bremen Head of professional football in conversation with DeichStube. A year ago, Corona participated twice Holsten Kiel extended. At that time, the rules were a little different, the whole team had to be isolated, matches were postponed. This meant that people in Kiel had to compete every three days from 24 April. In the end, including the DFB Cup semi-final against Borussia Dortmund and relegation, there were eleven matches in just one month. Werner’s team not only went down on the gums, but in the last match against Cologne it even went down 1: 5. The dream was shattered increase.

Werder Bremen under pressure in the promotion race: Three points and many goals against Erzgebirge Aue are important

“Back then, it was really just a matter of how to prepare for a match in two days and get enough people together who can walk for close to 90 minutes,” he said. OleWerner even before meeting his ex-club again, he called comparisons with the situation at the time junk. The nerves may have played a similar role then as now. Against Holsten Kiel Bremen played an early 2-0 lead away because they felt too safe. When the game crashed, they could not switch the switch anymore. Schalke and Darmstadt took advantage of Werder’s slip to move past the table. Especially Darmstadt 6-0 victory against Ore Mountains Aue was a clear statement Saturday night. And of all things against the next opponent of SV Werder Bremen.

It raises the expectation of not only scoring three times in Aue on Sunday, but also doing something for the goal difference. For Werder lags far behind with +17 goals. Schalke has not only two points more, but also +26 goals. Darmstadt, who are equal on points, have a difference of +23 – and Hamburger SV are three points behind Werder Bremen to proud +30. With FC. St. Pauli is a little worse with +14, but was able to catch up with this deficit as fast as the three points.

Werder Bremen under pressure: problems on the right side – coach Ole Werner analyzes errors against Holstein Kiel

Of Print on the green-whites could hardly get bigger before the last two matches. The coach is now also required. He was already in the game. And there were unusual scenes to see in the first half. Again and again, professionals came to game breaks OleWerner went and talked to the coach. It was something of a call for help, because it did not fit in the right side of the defense at all. “We had problems there in the standings, especially ‘Mitch’,” Werner confirmed after the match, turning to Mitchell Weiser. So strong the winger SV Werder Bremen acted offensively, he defended so weakly. With him, the carelessness that was later criticized was best seen in the Bremen game.

Nicolai Rapp was just as unable to solve the problem as a right-back, as Romano Schmid was on the right midfield, both had enough to do with themselves. and OleWerner? He gave the questioners answers but failed to make major changes. “I do not think a staff change would have changed anything in any way,” the 33-year-old said. Only after the Kiel equalizer did he bring Niklas Schmidt to Schmid. The filling jug acted as a cross actually made it 3: 2, but the striker headed straight past. And then the third goal fell on the other side, with an attack on the right Bremen defense. “In my optics, the situation is also relatively easy to defend with a simple task,” Werner analyzed. He and his team will have gone into even more detail. Because it can be so easy Werder Bremen can not be played in the next two matches.

Werder Bremen and the rise: Ole Werner is addicted to rest, but is the coach really crisis-proof?

OleWerner trusting his former path, he does not want to start any special campaigns now, he is dependent on continuity and calm. In Kiel, despite all his enthusiasm for his work, it was said that he was not always crisis-proof and that he became thin-skinned in such situations. At the Baltic, he threw the pieces away early this season because he saw no chance of change and wanted the team that had slipped to the bottom of the table a new impetus. He is often accused of running away from the scene.

on Werder Bremen things have gone very smoothly for him so far. The 33-year-old started in December with an almost historic winning streak of seven three-pointers in a row. meanwhile has OleWerner played with the green-whites against all teams in the 2nd division and lost only against Heidenheim and Kiel. There is also a draw against Ingolstadt, Sandhausen, St. Pauli and Nuremberg. The other eleven matches were won. The points average is over two, which is enough for the whole season increase. But now only six points from the last two games in Aue and then at home against Regensburg help. Werner has already stated this as a goal. I know that this time there is even more at stake than last year. At the time, Kiel was the surprise team, Werder is a favorite as a traditional club – after the latest season, relegation and relegation non-promotional spots be one in the Valley of Tears. (knee)

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