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  • Yoga: That’s what the sport is about
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  • The best Exercises for beginners and what you need for it

Not only do you get a good body feeling with conscious movements, you also fundamentally improve your own health. These are the main goals of popular fitness trends Yoga and Pilates. However, there is a crucial difference between the two sports. While Pilates exercises focus on the body and its movement, yoga also focuses on the mind. For there is a clear philosophy of life behind the sports education from India: It Harmony of body, mind and soul. Specifically, it means that fitness and breathing exercises are combined with meditation, relaxation and inner reflection.

Yoga: what does the sport bring?

According to Deutsches Ärzteblatt, yoga has a positive effect on both body and psyche thanks to the diverse exercises with a smooth shift between tension and relaxation. For example, gentle stretching mobilizes the spine and relieves tension. Targeted exercises with your own body weight, on the other hand, strengthen a large number of muscle groups. In this way, the fitness beach is intended to breathe new life into the whole body. In addition, blood circulation and concentration are also boosted.

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You can also become conscious through yoga prevent health problems, in some cases even improved. On the one hand, mobilizing exercises work against incorrect posture patterns, such as a crooked back when sitting at a desk for a long time. Painful back or neck pain as well as incorrect loads and joint problems can be effectively prevented. On the other hand, relaxed, calm yoga elements help with, for example, annoying headaches.

Relax and relieve asthma with the right breathing technique

In order to perform a yoga session effectively and correctly, breathing is especially important. Complete, deep and slow should this be and considered a central part of any exercise. But what does that mean in practice? Inhale through your nose and exhale through your slightly open mouth. The entire lung volume must be exhausted and the breath must be kept in the stomach for a short time.

If you practice this regularly and consciously, your own Change long-term breathing behavior. An important quality for declaring war on tension or migraine. In addition, asthma patients in particular may benefit from conscious yoga breathing. In one study, international researchers from the Cochrane Collaboration were even able to identify a slight improvement in asthma symptoms. However, these are not all benefits! In addition, endurance is strengthened, shortness of breath is avoided and the vegetative nervous system is calmed. This in turn has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and even high blood pressure.

This is how the yoga start is guaranteed to succeed

As a starting point, yoga is suitable for everyone – regardless of age, stature or state of health. Because among the countless styles, everyone is sure to find what they are looking for. Special forms such as back yoga are particularly suitable for counteracting certain physical ailments. But if yoga newcomers want to do something good for their whole body, you should take a closer look at the following styles.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is currently the best known and most widely used technique. The focus is always on your own strength, energy and endurance. These three components should be balanced by one Mixture of body and relaxation exercises strengthened individually. The goal is also to create a healthy balance between body and mind and to find your own center.

Kundalini Yoga

In Kundalini Yoga, in addition to the movement of the body, the primary focus is on spirituality. Dynamic exercises and meditations must strengthen and relax the body. The focus is also on finding inner peace and freeing oneself from negative thoughts. This also has clear benefits for everyday life. Those who practice Kundalini Yoga regularly practice responding more flexibly and less stressed in a wide variety of situations.

Ashtanga Yoga

If all this sounds a little boring to you, you should try Ashtanga yoga. Because here it is Fixed series of exercises with varying degrees of difficulty. The special thing about it: There are usually no breaks between the physical exercises. Discipline and ambition are especially important here!

Effective exercises for beginners in yoga

The trend sport yoga can not only be learned in gyms or special yoga classes. To begin with, simple exercises can also be easily tested in your own four walls and thus gain initial experience with the well-known hype from India. The following positions are particularly effective and beginner-friendly.

Sun salutation to warm up

In the well-known yoga classic, different physical exercises are combined with each other to achieve a fluid movement. It begins to rise. Bring your arms together over your head as you breathe. As you exhale, bend your torso forward until your hands touch the floor or your feet. For more flexibility, beginners can also bend their knees slightly. At the next breath, the upper body is tensed, but the hands remain on the floor. Then stretch one leg backwards and straighten the upper body. From here you can now switch to the yoga exercise “downward facing dog” and a push-up-like posture. To maintain the flow of movement, it is advisable to straighten the upper body again and repeat the mentioned steps. The sun salutation is particularly suitable for heating and can be performed as often as you like.

Downward-facing dog as a yoga classic

The starting point for downward facing dog is on all fours or one plank. From this position, the hips are pushed upwards. The palms, however, remain on the ground. To stretch the back particularly long, the abdomen can be pulled inwards and tightened. Finally, try raising your legs so that your heels touch the floor.

Cobra for a flexible spine

For yoga cobra, it is best to start in a supine position. The hands touch the floor at shoulder height, the arms are close to the ribs. The backs of the feet are on the ground. With tense abdominal muscles, the shoulder blades are pulled together in the back, and the chest is straightened slightly. The hands, which push the body slightly upwards, have a supportive effect. It is important that the gaze is directed upwards.

Cat-cow for back pain

This exercise starts on all fours. Here you pull the navel in the direction of the spine and push it up into a kind of cat hump. To increase the effect, the chin must be pulled towards the chest. At the next breath, push the abdomen down again, the shoulder blades back and the head up. The back is now in the hollow back position. In the cat-cow exercise, these two positions are varied several times.

Also interesting: You can even improve your vision with these yoga exercises for the eyes.

The most important gadgets: You actually need this for the fitness trend

For a successful yoga start is the next comfortable clothesfirst an appropriate yoga mat required. Important: Yoga and gymnastics mats are not the same! Because the perfect base for the Indian philosophy of life is much thinner, usually only about four to six millimeters thick. This provides a better grip on the hands and feet during the various exercises. Beginners in particular can more easily maintain their balance and train effectively. Another important factor is the material. This must be non-slip to stay in the correct position despite sweaty hands. Yoga mats made of natural rubber are therefore recommended for beginners.

Yoga block as an aid

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For yoga beginners, a so-called yoga block can provide effective assistance. Of stable block made of cork or hard foam used when some exercises cannot be performed correctly. It is used, for example, to avoid incorrect posture, to build bridges over distances or to enable a safe hold. This is exactly what often leads to difficulties for yoga beginners with poor flexibility and balance. However, to avoid injury, the yoga block must not have hard corners or edges.

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