The best fitness and training games for iOS and Android

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While the warmer days attract many people to exercise again, the daily fitness program for others is just torture. Whether it’s running, cycling or sometimes just the obligatory walk, not everyone can be completely satisfied Motivate movement in everyday life. Within fitness apps, more and more people are therefore addicted to gamification.

Instead of just asking for dry workouts, combine the workout with playful elements. In some games, progress can only be achieved by moving, while others can only be achieved by moving verbal entertainment sit during training.

We present you these fitness games in front of:

  • Walkr: iOS and Android
  • Carrot fitting: iOS
  • Wokamon: iOS and Android
  • Zwift: iOS and Android
  • Zombies Run: iOS and Android


Walkr appears as a mix of fitness app and adventure games. The futuristic-looking application tempts us with proportions simple means to get more exercise to drive. Running or endurance training for unconsciousness is not necessary with Walkr. Instead, the app takes advantage of our daily steps.

Every step means fuel for our spaceship on the Walkr. The data recorded by the smartphone is kept or updated each time the app is opened and converted to progress in Walkr. The default minimum targets on Walkr are the prevalent ones 10,000 stepsbut of course we can also do more and collect even more rewards for it.

More than 100 planets and countless missions where we friendly creatures help back to their home country, the app keeps us ready to motivate us every day.

Walkr is available for free on iOS and Android.

Carrot Fit

A very special representative among the gamified fitness apps is Carrot Fit. As with the sister app Carrot Weather awaits us here insults, malicious comments and at the same time a lot of content. To bring us to this goal, Carrot does not pinch with words.

The app relies on a total of seven minutes of training, which Carrot lovingly dubbed “7 minutes in hell”. These workouts then consist of exercises like slapping in celebrities, like slapping Justin Beaver’s beautiful face and the dragon mating dance. The exercises planned by Carrot Fit require nothing more than a wall, a chair and “a bucket if we throw up”.

that 7 minutes training each consists of twelve demanding units, always lasting 30 seconds. We get a 10-second break between each session, which we can use to rehydrate, breathe or vomit in the aforementioned bucket.

Before, during and after training, Carrot gives everything to motivate us verbally. Under the respective units we always become sarcastic and bad sayings the pressure, which should not only entertain but also motivate. To keep track of everything, we also track our weight with carrot. But we need to be careful not to lose weight or even gain weight too quickly as carrot quickly gets sour and throws more spells after us.

Carrot Fit is available for 4.99 euros for iOS.


At Wokamon, we also turn our daily movement or fitness sessions into valuable in-game assets. The Wokamon app is a mix of activity meter and games that use our daily advances for events and goods. Specifically, Wokamon is about the Wokamon creatures. The small figures have so far lived on the planet Laya, where they were provided with resources by Layabots.

But as Layabots became more and more lazy with time, resources became increasingly scarce. The older Wokamons therefore decided to send the young Wokamon people to Earth to get out of fitness programs people to create resources to live.

The concept is very similar Tamagotchis. Whether we’re just going for a walk or training endurance on the treadmill, every step of the Wokamon is transformed into objects or used to unlock new Wokamons. The game hardly requires any interaction from us. The only thing that matters is that we move.

Wokamon is available for free on iOS and Android.


The Zwift app has a slightly different approach. Instead of relying on clean steps, we get the complete one here Home training gamification. Zwift works in combination with a variety of devices used for training. These are, for example, indoor bikes and treadmills from some manufacturers that can be connected to the app. Through the connection between exercise equipment and app, Zwift can then use accurate data for the game experience.

We play and train virtual places around the world. You can choose from 1,000 workouts and individual training plans that want to get the fitness monster out in us. At Zwift, a distinction is made between standard training and live events. While the former just allows us to jump in and act independently, live events to fixed dates. Here we can participate in sessions with other users, measure and entertain each other.

The virtual events at Zwift can be of the most varied nature. For example, there are bike rides in virtual New York el Jogging sessions in London. Working with other participants should motivate them to do better. Of course, solo sessions are also possible at any time.

Zwift is available for free on iOS and Android. A subscription of EUR 14.99 per month is required to use the app to its full extent.

Zombies, run!

While running is an easy and fast way for many people to get the right amount of exercise per. day running training by no means among the most popular fitness programs. Thanks to the low equipment requirements, a running workout can be thrown in almost anytime and anywhere, but in addition to the great effort, it is above all boredom that keeps many people away from running training.

Who next to the interior bastard especially struggling with this boredom, possibly found in Zombies, Run! the right training buddy. The app relies on immersive stories that accompany us as we run, making running training more interesting.

Where or how we run is equally important for Zombies, Run. The application is suitable for walking, endurance running and even training on the treadmill. To motivate us, zombies, run! to exciting stories from zombie doomsday. As we go, the app continues to play stories that we need to use as a guide.

For example, it may be the case that suddenly behind us one zombie horde appears, or we need to reach an intermediate destination within a specified time. During the run, we also collect again and again Equities which we can use to expand the hospital or repair hiding places.

The app is based on our running phases. While we sometimes jog comfortably and listen to our own music, there are always sequences that want to drive us.

In addition to telling the stories, of course, the app also takes care of them recording our run. Data such as distance, pace and elapsed time are also used in Zombies, Run! spores.

Zombies, Run is available for free on iOS and Android.

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