Simple exercises with great effect

What is facial yoga?

Facial yoga is a special training for the facial muscles. Various exercises to stretch, relax and strengthen the muscles promote overall well-being and strengthen your facial muscles. That way, you can counteract wrinkles and relax facial features and make your face look fresher, fuller and younger. Face yoga has a great anti-aging effect and is a relaxed sport for your face.

Where does facial yoga come from?

Fumiko Takatsu developed the basic idea of ​​Face Yoga. After a serious car accident, she wanted to get her skin in shape again, so she developed targeted facial exercises and had her skin tightened up. Facial yoga helps against wrinkles and strengthens the facial muscles. In several books you can read about Fumiko Takatsu’s different methods and techniques.

Ok, yoga relaxes, soothes and has a positive effect on the body – but what is behind the “face yoga” trend? We have the facts! © Gorica Poturak

The easiest facial yoga exercises

You can easily do facial yoga exercises at home. You do not need any additional accessories and you can start right away. There are also many videos about face gymnastics on YouTube where you can get suggestions or join directly. But the most important thing is relaxation and fun.

Face yoga exercises to emulate

Have courage! Although one or the other Faceyoga exercise may seem a little strange – let it be said: Yes, it helps! © martin-dm

The kissy mouth: facial yoga against double chin

  1. In double-face facial yoga, you sit upright and relax your shoulders. Keep your mouth closed and breathe through your nose during the facial yoga exercise.
  2. Move your head up slightly and turn it slightly to the left.
  3. Now pluck your lips like a kiss and stay in this position for 10 seconds.
  4. Then turn your head to the other side and repeat the facial yoga exercise there.
  5. Repeat this Face Yoga 5-10 times.

Facial yoga against drooping eyelids

  1. For facial yoga against drooping eyelids, place the index and middle fingers of both hands directly over the eyebrows and press them down slightly.
  2. Now raise your eyebrows as if you were surprised and hold it for 10 seconds.
  3. Repeat this facial yoga position 5 times.

Facial yoga against frowns

  1. For facial gymnastics against forehead wrinkles, open your mouth and form an O with the corner of your mouth. Let your chin relax and fall down.
  2. Place your palms on the outside of your face so that your fingertips are at the temples.
  3. Now use your hands to gently pull the skin up and back. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Then briefly relax your facial features and repeat the facial yoga exercise 2-3 times more.

Face yoga against slack corners of the mouth

  1. First massage your cheeks in circular motions with your index fingers.
  2. Then you pull the corners of your mouth up and out at the same time as if you were smiling.
  3. Now pull the corners of your mouth even further up until you feel your lower cheekbones and hold the position for 5 seconds.
  4. Finally, grasp the cheeks with the middle and index finger and pull slightly outwards.
  5. Repeat this facial yoga exercise 10 times.

When and how often should you do face yoga?

As with all sports, start slowly and with simple facial yoga exercises. Over time, you can add more exercises and increase the intensity. For you get the best effect if you do a yoga session of about 10 minutes a day and take a rest day a week so that the muscles can recover. It does not matter if you start the day fit in the morning with facial yoga or integrate the exercises into your care routine in the evening – if you do it regularly, you will see fast and positive results.

The Positive Effects of Face Yoga

With the different facial yoga exercises you can achieve different effects. Whether it’s facial gymnastics against wrinkles or just to relax on a beauty day. Facial yoga has a lot to offer and can help a lot. A fresh face and relaxed facial muscles through simple exercises. You can do Face Yoga at home without expensive accessories or course fees. A great way to bring relaxation into everyday life.

Simple yoga exercises - for the face

Simple exercises in between, at home and above all without many frills: We tell you simple yoga exercises – for the face. © yanjf

The benefits of facial yoga in an instant

  • relaxed facial muscles
  • smoother facial contours
  • fuller cheeks
  • no more tired eyes
  • tight double chin
  • better blood-borne skin that is more rosy and firmer
  • fewer small wrinkles
  • Anti-aging effect through slower skin aging
Asanas for the face: Faceyoga exercises

Yoga exercises against drooping eyelids, frown lines and drooping corners of the mouth – we tell you asanas for the face that promise real beauty miracles! © Tijana Simic

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