Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: How to increase battery life


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a popular smartwatch. However, the short battery life is one of the few negative points. So you can increase them significantly.

With a few simple steps, the driving time of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can be significantly increased. (Source: Samsung)

  • The best way to save battery life on the Watch 4 in the long run is to enable battery saving mode.
  • Alternatively, you can turn off the automatic screen brightness, activate flight mode or reduce the inactivity time.
  • Clock mode only disables all functions except the clock. You get up to 20 days of battery life.

Battery life is the biggest weakness of many modern smartwatches. Not only Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 suffers from this problem. But there are a few ways to increase it. We tested them and came to the conclusion that you can increase the battery life to about 55 hours with all these tips.

This is a real improvement over the approximately 40 hours normally worked. Your end result will of course look a little different, there may be large discrepancies in this connection – for example due to the age of the battery cell or network reception with the LTE variant.

Battery saver: The convenient way to save battery

If you do not want to mess around with settings and just want a convenient way to improve the battery life of your Galaxy Watch 4, the best thing to do is to use the battery saving mode pre-installed on the watch.

Samsung states that with the battery saving mode, about five hours of battery life can be achieved. For this, features like Always On Display, WLAN, activation gesture and location services are turned off and CPU speed and background sync are limited.

Disable unused features: Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS and gestures

If you do not want to activate the battery saving mode immediately, you can also deactivate unused or unnecessary functions. This includes connectivity features such as WLAN, LTE with the LTE version or GPS.

You can also disable gestures such as “raise your hand to activate” or “answer calls”. This saves battery, as the watch does not have to constantly check whether you have made the corresponding gesture or not.

Turn down the brightness, set silence times and shorten the timeout period

Another quick and easy way to save battery on the Galaxy Watch 4 is to manually turn down the screen brightness. Experience has shown that the automatic brightness control handles the battery charge quite generously and turns the brightness up to full, even when it is not necessary.

In addition to the screen brightness, you can also set the time after which the screen automatically turns off – the shorter the better. You can also use “Do Not Disturb Mode” to turn off the always-on screen at night and disable notifications to save power.

Turn off health measurements and use only clock mode

A major power sucker on the Galaxy Watch 4 is the heart rate and blood oxygen sensor on the back. If he measures his heart rate all the time, it leads to a high battery consumption. Therefore, set the measurement frequency to “manual only” to save battery.

If all this is not enough for you, you can also enable the extreme save mode or clock mode only. In this mode, only the current time is displayed in black and white without a date. All (really all) other features are disabled. Your watch can last 18 to 20 days without having to charge.

Update apps, system and reset the clock

If you have tried all the tips but your battery life is still poor, you may have a software problem. To correct this, look in the battery settings to see which app may be using an abnormal amount of battery. Uninstall this app and if necessary.

You should also check (as with all technical devices) whether your software and all apps are up to date. If not, update them. In many cases, resetting the clock to factory settings can also help. You can find the corresponding option in the clock settings.

In another guide, we will show you how to transfer music to Galaxy Watch 4.

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