Sam Bennett wins the cycling race in Frankfurt on May 1st |

Sprint victory in Frankfurt: Sam Bennett from the German team Bora-hansgrohe won the cycling race on 1 May. The local hero John Degenkolb was not able to fight for the victory.

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The finish line from Eschborn-Frankfurt

The last kilometer of the bike race

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Sam Bennett won the Frankfurt cycling race on 1 May. The Irishman won in the sprint of a larger peloton on Sunday ahead of Fernando Gaviria and Alexander Kristoff. Phil Bauhaus was the fourth best German. The local hero John Degenkolb (22nd) was just as unable to fight for the victory at the Alte Oper as last year’s winner Jasper Philipsen. “I have nothing to blame myself for. I did my best. The course of the race was not such that it really played into my hands,” said Degenkolb. “I still really enjoyed it, it was a beautiful May 1st.”

Last year’s second from Oberursel realized that too many drivers reached the final lap. “Eventually, I didn’t have a chance anymore,” the 33-year-old Degenkolb admitted honestly after the 183.9 hard kilometers. The stage instead belonged to the top sprinters Bennett, Gaviria from Colombia and Kristoff from Norway. “I had really good legs. Thank you to the team that has supported me over the last few months. It’s great to get this win for a German team,” said Bennett.

The entire bike race is revived

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Escape attempts failed

The race was initially characterized by a breakaway group of five. Pierre Rolland, Jens Reynders, Johan Meens, Juan Antonio Lopez-Cozar and Daan Hoole all had a five-minute lead. But as the pace rose in Taunus, their adventure was over. (You can read the live ticker here.)

The crucial figure in the middle part of the race was the local hero Jonasrutsch. Odenwald had announced an attack in advance and kept this promise. But his aggressive driving style was not crowned with success. Before the fourth crossing over Mammolshainer Berg, the clearly shrunk main field was reunited. Then came more attacks, but the sprint teams had run under control and the expected mass arrival took place.

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Only winners of wheel races

Scenes from children's races at the cycling classic

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Brennauer hopes for women’s races

The race took place on traditional date for the first time in three years this year. In 2021, the event was postponed to September due to the corona pandemic, and the year before it was completely canceled.

The mood was the same as before. Tens of thousands of fans lined the streets of Taunus, on climbs like Feldberg and especially across the metropolis at Main, to which the May 1 cycling spectacle is already accustomed. This time, fans from Eritrea made themselves particularly noticeable, celebrating Gent-Wevelgem’s sensational winner Biniam Girmay loudly with songs, flags and drums – and that even before it even started in Eschborn at noon.

It is not to predict whether the current classic program in Frankfurt will be in the future. Olympic cycling champion Lisa Brennauer had during the broadcast on hr-tv expressed her desire for a race for women. “Of course it would be great. There used to be a women’s race here. Maybe it’s just a matter of time. I would be very, very happy to see a big event in women’s cycling in Germany again,” said Brennauer.

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