Missed promotion, achieved season goal: The club is where it belongs – 1. FC Nürnberg

– The last sore dreams of promotion have burst, 1. FC Nürnberg will enter its fourth second division year in a row next season. Sports editor Uli Digmayer explains why the disappointment is limited and what can be expected of the club in the future.

The dream of the big coup burst for the professionals in 1. FC Nürnberg Saturday night, so to speak, on the couch at home. They had already on Friday after a 1-1 draw to FC St Pauli guessed that this was probably the case with the only minimal chance of promotion. With the 6-0 home win of SV Darmstadt 98 against Erzgebirge Aue on Saturday night, it is now mathematically certain with a probability bordering on safety that the club enters its fourth second division season in a row.

Disappointment, however, should be limited. Because you felt that you were already out of the race after the sober 2: 4 against SV Sandhausen, but also because there is actually no reason to quarrel with a completely respectable season.

After the traumatic near-collapse in the 3rd division, the hoped-for, albeit sometimes somewhat uneven, year of sporting stabilization followed under the new coach Robert Klauß with an eleventh place in the table, which was now followed by a carefree season, which was equal. correct at times Was fun, triggered emotions and lured fans back to Max Morlock Stadium after a long absence due to the pandemic. With the official goal of finishing between fifth and eighth, those in charge at Valznerweiher had realistically assessed the performance of their slightly but meaningfully reinforced team this summer. Despite the bitter home defeat against Sandhausen, the planned goal was already reached on the 31st match day, and the next small development step has been completed.

The table does not lie

That the club kept in touch with the promotion ranks almost to the last and could even dream of great luck must be seen as a nice bonus. The table does not lie, they say soberly, Klauß’s eleven are right now where it roughly belongs. There was hardly more in this collection of prominent ex-Bundesliga clubs, often hyped as the strongest second division of all time, with existing staff only partially living up to higher standards and yet very consistently lacking the necessary consistency.

That avoidable point losses against basement kids like Ingolstadt, Dresden or Sandhausen in hindsight cost a better placement is annoying, but it was no accident. On good days, this basically sympathetic team was able to beat almost all opponents, but on bad days they also lost to everyone.

The tricky balance now awaits sports director Dieter Hecking to, on the one hand, serve the increased expectations in the environment, which in the long run can hardly be satisfied with a status as a solid 2nd division team, but not to lose down-to-earth attitude and sense of reality . For the old gentleman will also not be a logical candidate for promotion in the coming season.

Although the lower house of football without heavyweights like Schalke, Bremen or maybe even HSV may seem a little less intimidating at first glance, there are still enough ambitious competitors who are at least equal to or even superior to the club in terms of finances. . Even though many traditionalists do not like to hear it.


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