Many tears at Alex King’s last appearance in the Bundesliga

Joshua Obiesie was only after the last siren sounded. He hugged Alex King warmly and firmly. Whispered something in his ears and patted him on the shoulder again and again. The hug between the 21-year-old native of Munich and the 37-year-old who grew up in the state capital and started playing basketball in Bayern Munich was the longest and most intimate. Many more hearts followed. Every single Bayern player hugged King and exchanged a few words with him before joining his teammates, which were mandatory after the game ended.

And finally, in front of the camera on the broadcast internet portal Magentasport, King even exchanged jerseys with referee Benjamin Barth, who explained – like King – that he had played his first match in the Bundesliga 20 years ago. “Very, very emotional” was this Sunday night for King. He was already struggling with his emotions and tears in the pre-match interview. After his 638th and very last Bundesliga match, where he scored another eight points in half an hour, and when the “Alex King” song echoed through the Audi Dome, his voice faltered several times during the conversation – and he burst into tears. .

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In the final interview, Obiesie burst in and hugged King heartily again. You need to know that the two have a very close relationship. King always saw himself in the role of foster father last season after returning to s.Oliver Würzburg, and especially when Obiesie felt increasingly uncomfortable in the cathedral city. This summer, the playmaker, who otherwise does not get many minutes in Munich, moved to his hometown. On Sunday night, Obiesie converted two threes in just over 20 minutes and scored twelve points.

Thanks to a masterful defensive performance, Bayern had worn down the great FC Barcelona 59:52 in the quarter-finals of the Euroleague on Friday night – a result that can sometimes be considered a break in basketball (Baskets lost 87: 113 on Friday night already cashed in 63 points in the first half in Oldenburg). Following Bayern’s surprise 90:75 victory last week in Palau Blaugrana, located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary football temple Camp Nou, the Munich team forced the decisive match five, which was played again on Tuesday night (20.00) in blue and dark red palace i will take place in the catalan capital.

The obvious outsider FC Bayern kept his chance to be the first German team to enter the Final Four tournament in the best class (this year 19 to 21 May in Belgrade). The expected consequence would have been that Munich’s head coach Andrea Trinchieri rested the vast majority of his permanent staff on Sunday night. puff cake! The Italian sent his entire band to the evening work. However, he announced that he would distribute the minutes well and rotate a lot.

One can certainly assume that Trinchieri would try some things that he would also like to see next Tuesday. And you could feel on the bouncy ball that the hosts took the fight seriously. They were very focused and effective in defense, and their throwing machinery was well oiled up front. 48:23 we went to the break. It was 92:57 after the hosts had shifted a few gears down after the break.

It was surprising that Trinchieri actually took the risk that one of his top players could injure himself in a game that was no longer about sports before it was perhaps the biggest game in the club’s history. How fast can it go, the Baskets can buzz songs throughout the season, recently they were even able to start a choir.

After Craig Møller injured his knee in the last home game against Ludwigsburg on Tuesday and had to undergo surgery the next day, William Buford was also hit on Friday, which injured his right knee, which has forced him to take a break several times this season. , had twisted. The exact diagnosis is still pending.

Other current Würzburg hospital inmates: Captain Felix Hoffmann, Luciano Parodi, Aigars Skele, Abdul-Malik Abu, Julius Böhmer. As in Oldenburg, Cameron Hunt felt more than bad after his gastrointestinal infection, and with Elijah Ndi, a youth player was allowed to play almost 20 minutes in Munich. In that regard, one can not blame the certainly not glorious, but at least very brave seven, that they eventually had to start their journey home with 35 points.

But the people of Munich have a completely different dream. As Trinchieri said Friday night in his beautifully flourished way: “If your team responds like that in a do-or-die match, the sky is the limit.” Let’s see how long Bavaria’s soaring will last.

The statistics of the game

Basketball, Bundesliga men:

FC Bayern München – s.Oliver Würzburg 92:57 (24:13, 24:10, 19:21, 25:13)

Top scorer Munich: Fruit 18 (5 rebounds), Obiesie 12 (5 assists), Rubit 12, Michalak 15 (11 rebounds, 10 assists), Holyfield 15 (8 rebounds), Dog 14.

Würzburg: Stanic 18 (10 rebounds), Rodriguez 15 (4 rebounds), Callison 9 (5 assists), King 8, Albus 5 (5 rebounds), Hunt 2 (5 assists), Ndi, Boehmer (not played).

Rebounds: 37 – 28

Hits from the field: 33/61 (54%) – 24/58 (41%)

Basket templates: 24 – 17

Three: 14/31 (45%) – 4/17 (24%)

released: 12/16 (75%) – 5/7 (71%)

spectators: 2112

Source: BBL

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