Is the fatigue normal or a sign of Long-Covid? Virus wave exceeds Germany

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Of: Anna Lorenz


After-effects or already long-lasting Covid? After a corona infection, those affected suffer from discomfort and symptoms of fatigue for weeks. © Science Photo Library / image

Fatigue, headaches, coughs and permanent fatigue – thousands of citizens are currently complaining of symptoms that sometimes last for weeks. But why is that? Fact is: Corona is not always to blame.

Munich – Sneezing, coughing, circulatory problems – these and many other problems plague thousands of people across the country these days and make everyday life an effort. Not only since the relaxation of the corona rules, it currently seems like a real glove to avoid infection with the highly contagious omicron variant. Current figures from RKI document the rising trend in Covid cases, and a new mutation of the corona virus in the US is soon threatening to arrive in Germany. However, the symptoms, which sometimes last for weeks and are often associated with an omicron infection, can also have other causes.

After Corona: Some of those affected were ill for several months – is it already Long Covid?

Although omicron is extremely easily transmissible, coronavirus variant diseases are usually much milder than previous mutations. According to experts, the vaccination or its booster in particular provides strong protection against infection and severe outbreaks of the disease. However, many patients who only felt mild symptoms complain of sometimes prolonged exhaustion after surviving the disease. “Not unusual,” says Carmen Scheibenbogen from the Department of Medical Immunology at the Charité in Berlin mirror against this phenomenon. “The complaints continue even though the corona virus can no longer be detected. So it is natural that the immune response is responsible for this.” “And it does not go without some side injuries.”

As for the question of the extent to which those affected should fear that their symptoms will become chronic, the Scheibenbogen, which belongs to the Charité’s post-covid network, makes it very clear. “An evaluation from the UK shows that there are reports of persistent symptoms with Omikron, at least for the first twelve weeks,” says the doctor. Therefore, feeling the after-effects of a corona infection for a long time is not a problem. However, if you do not notice a significant improvement after four weeks, you should seek medical attention to “make sure everything is okay.” Because Omicron – unlike previous variants – primarily affects the upper respiratory tract and is not as persistent in other parts of the body, but there is much to be said for “that not only an infection with Omikron but also Long Covid is milder with Omikron” .

Tired, beaten, lethargic – long-lasting complaints can not only come from Corona

However, many people who have not had a proven coronary infection currently report the typical long-term symptoms mentioned above. However, Janne Vehreschild from the German Center for Infection Research is not surprised. “We know it from other feverish respiratory diseases,” the doctor said mirror. In addition to the usual symptoms after an infection, Corona is complicated by the fact that the virus also attacks nerve cells and headaches, fatigue and the like are therefore not uncommon. However, the phenomena are “not so easy to investigate scientifically” because the causes could be different.

The fact that the symptoms are currently so common does not mean, according to Vehreschild, that Omikron is regularly associated with such symptoms. The group of infected is not only very large at the moment, but also the exchange of medical histories with each other is – precisely because of this – much higher. Especially in mild cases, the focus could also be on the symptoms, which would tend to be neglected in case of serious illness. Furthermore, one should not forget that there are currently many early flowering in the air as allergens and that there are also various other viruses that can be easily caught, especially in connection with the increased contact caused by the relaxation of the corona -the rules. “I could imagine that there are quite a few people who go through several infections at the same time or quickly one after the other and attribute cold symptoms to Covid-19 after the acute coronary infection, even though the cause is a cold,” the doctor speculates. .

However, both Vehreschild and disc herniation generally recommend that the symptoms be cured. You should not “go straight back to the gym or go through a strenuous work week,” disc arch says. Light cardio exercises can also be helpful. Ultimately, according to Vehreschild, it is helpful to listen to one’s body, but “to be aware that fatigue and lack of concentration after a Covid 19 disease in most people disappear completely after a few weeks.” (askl)

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