From the dream: BG Göttingen played the last playoff chance away against Gießen

The dream is shattered: BG Göttingen has missed the chance to reach the playoffs in the basketball Bundesliga. In a close match on Sunday, the Violets lost after a strong start against relegated Jobstairs Gießen 46ers with 87:90 (49:45). Eventually it became dramatic.


The competitor Crailsheim had previously lost 90: 100 after extended playing time in Ulm and thus said goodbye to the battle for the last playoff place. Everything was actually prepared for the showdown next Sunday between Bamberg (at home against Hamburg) and BG Göttingen (in Munich). And then this.

The violins showed on Sunday in Sparkassen-Arena in front of 2574 spectators how warm they were for this match. Harper Kamp and Haris Hujic in particular made their mark in the first round. The center managed the farm to score its team’s first 11 points. When Kamp after almost five minutes scored to 13: 4, the S-Arena shook for the first time. Timeout slope.

Harper Kamp towers over everyone at BG Göttingen

But it could only stop the violet’s playful mood for a short time. After the visitors reduced to 13: 8, Haris Hujic’s time began. The man with the number 10 screwed three threes into the trap at the end of the first quarter and was together with Kamp the guarantee that BG went into the first small break with clear 24:15. Another highlight: Kamp’s first replacement. When the center gave way to Philipp Hartwich, the hall stood upside down for the second time that evening. Standing ovations to the audience favorite.

BG Goettingen – Giessen 46ers

After a strong start, BG Göttingen lost to Gießen – and thus lost their last chance for the playoffs.

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Intoxicated by this great performance, the violins suddenly became careless during the second round – and the counted 46ers fought back in the match. Especially in defense, the hosts lacked any kind of aggression and cleverness – and gave the Giessenians easy baskets on assembly lines.

Brown and Mönninghoff initially secured BG’s double-digit lead with two threes, but the hosts did not do much together in the last five minutes. It was not only inexplicable for coach Roel Moors, who repeatedly waved his hand in frustration. Even the fans rubbed their eyes in amazement.

Giessen fights his way up

Gießen stalked slowly but surely forward and reduced the lead to just four points at 35:31. Once again, it was Kamp who raised his team with a successful three-pointer. Jeremiah Martin and Kamp again extended the BG lead to 42:33 – and yet the violins did not find their way back to their dominance from the first quarter. When the visitors scored seconds before halftime with a relatively open three to 49:45 at the break, annoyed Moors kicked a box on the sideline. It sizzled in the coach, which could not be overlooked.

The third round was balanced for a long time before BG weakened again towards the end. The nervousness was now evident in the violets. Example: In the last minute and a half, Giessen turned a 70:66 into a lead of 72:70. It became more quiet in the S-Arena.

The game in BG did not get better in the last round either. It took a full four minutes before Kamp scored the first points to 72:74. And Frey followed up to 74:74. In light of this dry period, the violets could thank the guests for being part of the game at all.

But even now they by no means gave up. They always had an answer ready and did not let BG withdraw. From 77:78 to 79:81 it went to 81:81 – the excitement was unbearable. 1 minute and 23 seconds before the end, Brown managed the praised 85:83, but Gießen equalized again with a three. Martin put the violins one point ahead (87:86).

Judges shock all BG fans

And then things got hectic. The visitors couldn’t use their attack, it was BG’s turn to clear the ball. BG had 0.7 seconds left to attack. The pass reached Frey, but his throw went nowhere – also because McCullum tackled it hard. BG complained, Giessen attacked – and Brown intervened.

To BG’s dismay, the referees called Brown an unsportsmanlike error – and the match was as good as decided. Gießen hit both free throws and then increased to 90:87. BG had 2.7 seconds left, but Frey’s last attempt went wrong.

The disappointment in BG was huge, scolded Moors, grumbling loudly to the judges. The Belgian had to be pulled away from his assistant coach, he was so upset. But that did not help: BG had played their last playoff chance away.

Forgiving in the end: After the initial shock, the fans loudly celebrated their team, which thanked the spectators for their support during the season. But there was no lavish celebration in the season’s final home game.


BG coach Moors criticizes the referees’ performance

BG coach Moors was “very, very disappointed” after the defeat. His team had a winning mentality for a long time, but this one was lost at some point during the season. “There’s just something missing to win such a match, the extra you need,” the coach said. The defeat was hard to accept, Moors explained. Unfortunately, the chance for the showdown on the last match day was missed.

When asked about the referee’s performance, Moors spoke clearly. “We were not good today either,” he said. But he saw a clear mistake by McCullum on Frey. “If you do not see it … such a thing determines a game.” Instead, the judges called Brown an unsportsmanlike error. BBL is of a high standard, Moors said. But what the judges sometimes whistled, not just against BG, would not do justice to this level.

But according to Moors, BG did not do well that night either. Offensively the rhythm was lacking, defensively one was far too careless. And the 46s would have had the best three-point quota of the season. “Only Kamp was involved today,” Moors said, praising the center’s commitment and will. Only Kamp, it seemed, realized what a chance BG had this season. But, Moors limited: “With this level, we have nothing to do in the playoffs either.”

In a few weeks, you will definitely look back on the many great moments and games, Moors said. For they have certainly existed this season. It’s not for nothing that you’ve been to a playoff spot most of the time. But now, after such a painful defeat, the coach said: “It’s all far away.”

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